Resident Evil 9 is already in development, according to at least one current rumor that an insider started out on Twitter. It is probably not a big surprise that the production offshoot is being developed at all - especially not in view of the speed at which Resident Evil games have come onto the market in recent years. There were three publications in four years - and the ninth part continues the series. However, it will probably be a few more years before that happens. And in between, there is Resident Evil - Village anyway. 

The eighth part of the popular horror series hasn't been released yet, but rumors are already circulating about the sequel. Rumor has it that Resident Evil 9 is already in development – ​​and has been for quite some time. The leaker "Dusk Golem" stated on Twitter that several Resident Evil games were in the making at the same time. The leaker names RE:2, RE:3, RE:8, Outrage, RE:4 and RE:9.

Resident Evil is celebrating its golden years

The brand is in good shape: many parts of Resident Evil appeared in just a few years. Capcom pushed hard on the tube and it could just as well continue. According to Dusk Gamer, the game is still in development, but don't expect Resident Evil 9 to be released before 2024. So the start may still be a long way off. Incidentally, that's not entirely unlikely: Capcom had maintained the high frequency of releasing Resident Evil parts - several offshoots of the main series appeared in a comparatively short time. The brand is thus celebrating its golden years. It is obvious that several titles were developed at the same time. The time windows could not have been kept otherwise.

And indeed, the signs point to horror in the coming months. Resident Evil: Village will be the next offshoot in May, along with Resident Evil: Outrage and a remake of Resident Evil 4; further titles are also planned.

The information from "Dusk Gamer" is of course only rumours. There is no official confirmation from Capcom.

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