Resident Evil 8 could celebrate its release in the coming year, at least if you want to believe a current leak. But that's one thing with rumors in the games industry: sometimes they're true, but often they're not. 

The announcement is clear: “Resident Evil 2021” is Redident Evil 8. At least that's what the leaker “AestheticGamer”, aka Dusk Golem, thinks and published a rumor on Twitter. The truth of the “announcement” can of course not be measured, because in the gaming area the principle of hope always rules, fans can still be happy.

Resident Evil 8 is first-person horror

It does not seem entirely impossible that Resident Evil 8 could appear in 2021. In the past, the Leaker Dusk Golem was right once when he predicted the remake of Resident Evil 3 at an earlier release date. However, his hit rate is not 100 percent: Konami denied the rumor he had spread that there were several “Silent Hill” titles in development.


The leaker also builds up a bit of story around his rumor. So Resident Evil 8 was not always Resident Evil 8, but in the meantime planned as a gap filler, under the name Resident Evil Revelation 3. The quality of the game then convinced the developers at Capcom so much that the title pointed the way back to the main line of the Resident Evil series is said to have found.

Resident Evil 8 is rumored to be a first-person title. The focus should be on hallucinations, occultism as well as madness and mistrust. The horror game is due to be released in 2021, the leak predicts. More information should have been obtained at E3 - after the event was canceled, however, it is now uncertain when and whether Capcom will confirm or deny the rumors.

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