Whether dataminers are a credible source is up to each player, but according to ResetEra, they have discovered exciting news. A version of the survival and horror game "Resident Evil 3" for cloud gaming on the "Nintendo Switch" could soon be available. This unconfirmed news should particularly catch the attention of fans of the video game series, which has been equally popular for over 24 years.

Since it was launched in 1996, a number of games have been launched under the title "Resident Evil", better known in Japan as Biohazard, and there is no end in sight. So the following unconfirmed message made many owners of the "Nintendo Switch" console particularly happy:

The ResetEra collective was particularly attentive and discovered a picture on the “Control Ultimate Edition: Cloud Version” website that is supposed to display a “Resident Evil 3: Cloud Version”. Several sources on the platform say that there are also other links and references that go back to a few months of the year and should clearly point to this.

Notes on Resident Evil 3 for Nintendo Switch: Cloud

In its Direct Mini: Partner Showcase yesterday, Nintendo unveiled a cloud version of the action-adventure game Control Ultimate Edition, which is now available to be streamed by players, as well as an announcement of the Stealth games "Hitman 3". With the survival horror video game "Resident Evil 3", another title for adult gamers would thus join the series of "Switch Cloud" games. In particular, the prospect of a switch version of "Resident Evil 8", which could now exist, leads to expectant rumors among gamers.

In 2018, a "Nintendo Switch: Cloud" version of the horror game "Resident Evil 7" could already be tested in Japan for a few minutes or played as a full version in a game subscription. What the discovery of the daters could underline again.

Resident Evil 3: Resistance is a remake of the 1999 classic

The Capcom survival and horror video game "Resident Evil 3: Resistance" is a remake of the 1999 title "Resident Evil 3: Nemesis", which was popular with gamers. It contains an asymmetrical multiplayer mode in which two teams compete against a "mastermind". The video game is about survivors who escaped from the Umbrella Corporation's test laboratory. In the course of the video game, the player has to face monsters, traps and the mastermind. The mastermind can also be defeated in 1v1 mode, but this could be extremely difficult. The escape of the survivors goes over different maps of the horror game.

The video game "Resident Evil 3" is aimed at adult gamers with its age rating from 18 years. It is currently available for the Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC consoles. Daterminer discovered a reference to a "Nintendo Switch: Cloud" version at the end of October. A trial version of the video game is available free of charge to interested gamers on all platforms on which it has appeared so far.


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