The Grand Carnival is crowdfunding on Kickstarter again. The reprint of the successful tile placement game is available there for support for another 15 days. This time there will also be a German version. Skellig Games takes care of this.

Not quite three years ago there was already a successful Kickstarter campaign for The Grand Carnival. Now the game is back on Kickstarter as a reprint. Also taking part this time is the German publisher Skellig Games, who will be localizing the game in a German-language version. As a novelty, there is the first expansion for the game in the Kickstarter.

The Great Faire - German version is published by Skellig

Just six pages are needed to play the game The Grand Carnival, that the German title The Great Fair will have to explain. Two of these six pages are also dedicated to the structure.

As the game progresses, players compete to build the most successful carnival in the small and sleepy town of Littleton. When it is your turn, you go through two phases. In the first phase, actions are selected. If the prerequisites for the trading tricks have been met, they can be claimed in the second phase.

To select actions, players place one of their action figures on one of the available action spaces that has not yet had a figure placed that round. In this way a foundation tile can be placed, an attraction can be built or a guest can be moved. The strength of the action depends on the number the action piece is placed on.
If a person has met the requirements for a trade trick after their turn, they can now claim it. These offer valuable opportunities to change the basic rules. Everyone else would have to fulfill the corresponding condition of the trick on their next turn in order to be able to use it as well.

Who has the best fair?

The game ends after seven rounds. Now points are awarded for sets of attractions of the same size. Likewise, there are points for owning an attraction of any size. To be counted, attractions must have a ticket. In addition, there are points for guests, tickets and fairground barkers. If hammer symbols are still visible, you lose one point for each of them. The title "The Great Fair" goes to the person who now has the most points.

The game has a solo mode. The reprint has revised artwork and improved meeple.
The "On the Road" expansion contains seven modules that can be added to the base game in any combination. There are giant attractions, clowns, peanut tokens for food stalls, golden tickets, small and double foundations and a "grand finale".

Suitable is The Great Fair for 1-4 people aged 12 and over. The playing time is about 60 minutes.
The Kickstarter is still running for 15 days and can here be supported.

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