The exit games from Kosmos are a phenomenon. Sometimes ridiculed as “disposable games”, the once innovative and now well-established series brings the Stuttgart publisher good sales. No wonder that in 2021 they are backing the workhorse and are launching several offshoots - from puzzle games to the new advent calendar. The publisher has planned a total of six titles for the current year, including a hands-on book especially for children.

Exit - The game, which at first sounds uncomfortable and almost like a threat, has developed into an enormously successful brand over the years. The offshoots have sold millions of times, and there are now 23 different scenarios with different demands. But that's not all: Advent calendars, children's games and books are also part of the Exit portfolio at Verlag Kosmos. The series will therefore not take a break in 2021 - on the contrary.

Exit - The Game: The Abduction in Fortune City

The Fortune City Sheriff has disappeared! Was he kidnapped? Only if everyone works together will the team solve the puzzles and find the missing sheriff. This is how "Exit - The Game: The Kidnapping in Fortune City" makes the tension and team spirit of a live escape event tangible at the home game table. One to four players, ages twelve and up, are out and about in the western town of Fortune City, because the sheriff was allegedly kidnapped! But why and by whom?

New for 2021: An exit game with a western setting. Image: Cosmos

New for 2021: An exit game with a western setting. Image: Cosmos

The team can only solve this puzzle together. The search for clues leads the group into the saloon, drugstore, Gunsmith, post office, prison, and bank. Only if the players solve the puzzles in the Wild West and cleverly combine various clues will they find the sheriff again. But the clock is ticking! You have to find out for yourself what there is to discover in the adventure. Together they track down clues, crack codes and thus come closer to solving the case step by step. Exit - Das Spiel: The Abduction in Fortune City will be released in March 2021.

Exit - The Game + Puzzle: The Dark Castle

The exit feeling can now also be experienced with a new puzzle element: Exit - The game + puzzle offers players four puzzles and an exciting adventure story in addition to the usual tricky puzzles. In the “Beginners” level, the team of players explores a dark place in search of a missing person
Castle on the edge of the forest.

Players have heard many stories about the dark castle at the other end of the forest. But nobody knows what it's all about or who lives there. When an old man who wants to get to the bottom of the riddle of the castle suddenly disappears without a trace, the players set off. Together they want to find the missing person and uncover the secret of the castle!

But to do this, the team has to puzzle its way from place to place and solve tricky puzzles. Will they manage to solve the mystery of the dark castle in time and find the missing man? A race against time begins. Exit - The Game + Puzzle: The Dark Castle will be released in May 2021.

Exit Advent Calendar: The Hunt for the Golden Book

In 2021 there will again be the real exit game feeling for the Advent season. Exit fans puzzle their way through 24 puzzles until Christmas and hunt for Santa's golden book. Every single door is individually designed and filled.

The puzzles by the authors Inka and Markus Brand promise a lot of puzzle fun until the big party. This is not how the Advent season was actually planned: Because Santa's golden book has disappeared! It not only contains all the wishes for this year's festival, but also all the addresses to which the gifts are to be delivered. Time is of the essence and leads the players to a remote mountain village.

Strange things seem to be going on there. This advent calendar is an exit game and an adventure story at the same time. In order to find the golden book again, the players open a little door on the calendar every day. Behind each you will find a new challenging puzzle, the solution of which brings you closer to the book piece by piece. Only if you combine cleverly and solve all 24 puzzles will you be able to save the golden book and thus Christmas in the end. The Exit Advent Calendar: The Hunt for the Golden Book will be launched in September 2021.

Exit - The Book: The Mysterious Bank Robbery

A bank robbery, a distressed circus and three sniffers who want to solve the riddle of the stolen family treasure: EXIT® - The book: The mysterious bank robbery leads young readers from eight years into a full world
Adventure and tricky secrets.

The puzzles of the successful game designers Inka and Markus Brand and the captivating story take care of it
from the pen of Anna Maybach for a book experience of a special kind. Cut, draw, crease - everything is allowed to crack the case. It's summer vacation and Leo and Mara are on their unicycles on their acrobatics course in the small circus that is a guest next to the old castle. But suddenly Leo loses control and ends up upside down in the bushes in which the entrance to a newly dug tunnel is hidden. A tunnel that leads straight into the vault of the local bank. A fabled family treasure has been stolen.

Mara and Leo follow the trail of the robbers together with the reader. Together they solve the puzzles to find out which side of the story continues. Hints can be hidden anywhere, creative solutions are required, cut out, draw, crease - everything is allowed. Because let real noses
do not stay on the wrong track either. Exit - The Book: The Mysterious Bank Robbery will be published in March 2021.

Exit -The game: The Cursed Maze

Dark corridors, dead ends with no way out and mysterious figures: this labyrinth is different from anything that the players (1 to 4 players, ages ten and up) have ever entered. Only if everyone works together will the team escape again. This is how "Exit - The Game: The Cursed Labyrinth" makes the tension and team spirit of a live escape event tangible at the home game table.

The Cursed Labyrinth is another Exit novelty this year. Image: Cosmos

The Cursed Labyrinth is another Exit novelty this year. Image: Cosmos

The labyrinth already looked a little strange when the unsuspecting game group saw it. But when the players step inside and a member of the team accidentally hits a stone figure, the sky darkens and the earth begins to shake. The entrance closes with a loud roar and the players are trapped!

To make matters worse, the strange stone figure also comes to life. A world full of puzzles opens up. Only if they solve this together will the team break the curse of the labyrinth and find their way back to civilization. You have to find out for yourself what there is to discover in the adventure. Together they track down clues, crack codes and, with brains and teamwork, manage to escape the cursed labyrinth again. Exit - The game: The Cursed Labyrinth will be released in January 2021.

Exit - The Book: Level 6

The live escape room feeling for the reading chair. Tinkering, puzzling, kinking, tearing - regardless of the book, readers puzzle their way through the mystery novel Exit - The Book: Level 6 in order to elicit its secrets.

The Norton Mine was once closed due to a mysterious incident. But a new mining company has taken over the mine and reopened it with the aim of reaching Level 6 - the place where horrific things happened back then. A risky plan, because the mine is still hiding
Driven. Labyrinthine corridors confuse the senses and there are rumors about strange chants and alchemical laboratories. Before long, a small group of miners has disappeared in the dark corridors and remains gone.

What happened to the miners? The answer is in the diary found on Level 6 of the Norton Mine. Only those who solve the more than 40 puzzles can discover the secret. But be careful: don't dig too deep. The solutions are exchanged for passwords online. This opens the way to the next task. Thanks to the passwords, registration is not necessary, they secure the game status online. Exit - The Book: Level 6 will go on sale in March 2021.



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