The way in which THQ Nordic released the playable demo for the remake of Gothic was one thing above all: surprising. The playable teaser is basically free, but not for everyone. All players who have at least one Piranha Bytes title in their library can download the Gothic demo on Steam.

THQ Nordic's approach is quite clever: the success of the playable teaser should decide the fate of a possible remake of Gothic. Put simply: If the demo arrives at the players, the title is implemented, otherwise the plans (for the time being) go back to the developers' drawers. 

Gothic remake: Everything is more modern, including the feel of the game

Dusting off one of the forefathers of action RPG is not easy. The Gothic series has always been associated with Piranha Bytes, which created the atmospheric, but sometimes bulky role-playing game back then. With the purchase of the developer studio by THQ Nordic, the license also moved to the publisher. 

Not Piranha Bytes is now responsible for the new version, but a Gothic team from Barcelona. Piranha Bytes herself is working on another project.

The cornerstones of the game also hold up in the modern action role-playing game genre: a comparatively open sandbox with NPCs who go about their own daily routines forms the framework for a game experience full of main and secondary tasks, including far-reaching decisions. Everything is garnished with a pinch of character progression, which is supposed to create a connection between the player and his virtual alter ego. 

In a trailer for the teaser, THQ Nordic shows, among other things, some gameplay sequences:


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Gothic is somewhere between The Witcher and Elder Scrolls. The action role-playing game thrilled the fans at the time, in particular with its successful game atmosphere including great character drawings. Precisely these could be the undoing of the playable teaser: Players criticize the characters and a “loveless implementation”. Overall, the Steam reviews are still positive.

Critics complain about some of the core elements that made up the original Gothic: exciting dialogues, the elaboration of some characters - above all Diego. The combat system also not only met with positive feedback. Although the controls were already one of the main points of criticism in the original, a modern reworking of the original requires combat controls that have already been improved in detail. 

Nevertheless: the chances of a successful project start are good. Around 75 percent of the players who have already tried the playable teaser give the Gothic demo the coveted “blue thumb”. Most of the players are enthusiastic about the idea of ​​bringing Gothic to market in a modern version. The pimped up graphics are convincing, the gloomy atmosphere is atmospheric. The Gothic remake, which largely sticks closely to the original, is also an RPG experience for adults.

You can already guess: it won't end well for one of the two fighters. Image: THQ (Youtube)

You can already guess: it won't end well for one of the two fighters. Image: THQ (Youtube)

As part of the playable teaser, fans spend around two hours in the Khornis mining colony. At the end there is a poll waiting for players to give their feedback to the developers. 

In principle, anyone can download and play the demo for the Gothic remake, but there must be at least one title by Piranha Bytes in the Steam library. For many, the teaser is free, but not for everyone. After all: the classics by Piranha Bytes are available on Steam from around 2,50 euros.

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