Just in time for the release of Rage 2, GameStop is celebrating a big Rage 2 event in its Essen branch on May 17 and 18, 2019. At GameStop in Essen on Limbecker Platz there is next Friday from 12 noon to 20 pm and on Saturday from 11 am to 18 p.m. cool Rage 2 action. In addition, the influencers Juicy Gnu and EOS Andy will be guests on Saturday between 15 p.m. and 17 p.m. for an autograph session and a photo shoot. The whole spectacle is accompanied by GameStop's Youtuber Vince.

Swap game for hairstyle

One of the highlights of the release event will undoubtedly be a special exchange option: "Get the Rage-Style!" Under this motto GameStop is giving every visitor the 2 Rage Standard Edition free if he can be restyled in Rage style. And because the game has to have crass hairstyles, even brave fans will go home with a mohawk, shaved sides, an undercut, bright hair colors or spray-on logos - game included, at least while stocks last. GameStop is giving away the game a total of 50 times, 20 each for PS4 and Xbox One and ten times for PC. And "of course, every participant must come with a "normal" and unstyled hairstyle," says the event announcement.

Cosplayers ensure the right atmosphere on site in the Essen shopping center on Limbecker Platz. A Rage 2 motorcycle is available for fan photos. Of course, play stations will also be set up to play Rage 2 on both days.

Rage 2 is the sequel to the successful end-time shooter. An asteroid wiped out 80 percent of the earth's population, and all that remains of humanity is a sad remnant. Unscrupulous and bloodthirsty gangs make the streets unsafe and the tyrannical authorities suppress all those left with an iron fist. The player takes on the role of Walker, the last ranger of the wasteland and a thorn in the side of the power-hungry tyrants. His home was taken from him and he was left half dead in the dust. Now the player has to go berserk for justice and freedom. Surrounded by daring vehicle battles, superhuman first-person shooter chaos and an open world full of madness, he wanders through the merciless wasteland. Always fighting with the sadistic gangs, looking for the tools and technologies he needs to stand up to the authorities and throw off their yoke once and for all.

GameStop is presenting the game in both the Standard and the Collector's and Wingstick Deluxe Editions from May 14th. A “26” trade-in campaign runs until May 9.99th

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