A wall bracket for the Playstation 19 from Floating Grip should be available on November 5th, at least that's what an entry on Amazon says. Is this possibly an indication of the release date of the Playstation 5.

Sony remains adamant about when the Playstation 5 hits the market. So far it is only known that the new console will go on sale later this year. Rumors have gained new fodder from an Amazon retail product listing.

Here a wall mount for a Playstation 5 by Floating Grip is being sold for 20 British pounds. The bracket is due to expire on November 19, 2020 and can now be pre-ordered. A look at the calendar shows that this is a Thursday in November. The bracket without a proper Pandan makes little sense, so it is now being claimed that the PS5 could be released at 19.

Sony has not yet confirmed this. In contrast, Microsoft has already announced that the Xbox Series X will go on sale in November. The smaller Xbox Series S will be available from November 10th and will cost around 300 euros. The S series is designed as a download-only console and thus competes with the digital version of the Playstation 5. There will also be a version of the PS5 with a UHD Blu-ray drive. The Xbox Series X also has a drive for UHD Blu-rays.

The PS5 coated with 24K gold is now available for pre-order. It only costs 9000 euros. Image rights: Sony

The PS5 coated with 24K gold can now be pre-ordered - for 9.000 euros. Image rights: Sony

On September 10th, Truly Exquisite will begin pre-ordering limited editions of the Playstation 5. It will be 24-carat gold, 18-carat rose gold and platinum versions of Truly Exquisite. Prices range from just under £ 8.000 to £ 8.300. Sony has not yet given an exact price for an ordinary version of the console, kitchen rumors assumed the price of the PS500 was almost 5 euros.

According to an entry on Amazon, the wall mount for the Playstation 5 from Floating Flu will appear on November 19th.

Fear rumors now suggest that the Playstation 5 could appear around October 19th.

Officially, the only official fact is that Sony will launch the Playstation 5 later this year.

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