Gambling will be regulated in Germany in 2021, this message should not only please the providers of online casinos, but also the fans. The spread of the news alone shows that this is not a minor matter: almost every medium reported on the upcoming regulation.

In fact, the regulation of gambling in Germany does not affect a few, but millions of players. "Digital Gambling" is booming and is not uncommon video games assigned. in The fan base of "virtual casino visitors" is large. The decision for 2021 was long overdue.

Where other countries have already intervened to regulate in the past, this took too long a long time. Up until now, online gambling in Germany was only permitted with recourse to a license from Schleswig-Holstein - i.e. for casinos from the state and for players with residence or habitual place of residence. Otherwise it says in Section 4 of the State Treaty on Gambling: "The organizing and brokering of public games of chance on the Internet is prohibited."

Regulation of the State Treaty on Gambling on the way

The entire setting is confused and barely understandable for laypeople. That should change now. The first major changes to the State Treaty on Gambling are to be worked out by mid-2021. The federal states still have around a year to discuss - and ultimately decide - what should be done with online casinos in principle.

Not only the casinos themselves and the fans could benefit from uniform regulations, but also various comparison sites that act as direct links to the gambling temple, for example at Sunmaker login enable. Overall, as a result of the regulations, not only individual segments, but the entire industry will benefit from the uniform legal basis.

Gamblers do not have to fear black sheep: The regulation of the State Treaty on Gambling will not be a free ticket for dubious providers. The federal government provides for a two-step procedure with regard to the changes. First, in a first step, licenses are to be granted to providers, then presumably including testing. Clear rules are therefore required. In a second step, an authority is to be set up to monitor gaming operations.

Regulation should apply from July 2021

Everything should change on July 1, 2021. So far, however, there are too critical voiceswho see a focus on sales and not on player protection in the regulations. Lobbying is also one of the allegations made. In any case, gray areas are lifted: Anyone who offers their services without a license then commits a tax offense.

Regulation of the State Treaty on Gambling: Does that mean the industry is doing well? Photo: pixabay

Regulation of the State Treaty on Gambling: Does that mean the industry is doing well? Photo: pixabay

After all: the advantages clearly outweigh the benefits of regulating the State Treaty on Gambling in Germany. The state itself benefits from higher tax revenues, the players receive reliability and the providers can also rely on a regulated framework system. Even the sports sector could benefit, especially because sports betting providers regularly sponsor the sport and thus support the sport financially. There are even advantages for the labor market if companies that have previously been viewed as dubious can suddenly appear officially and legally as an employer - among other things because they can also open offices in Germany after receiving a license.

Overly restrictive requirements could also be problematic. Because operations are monitored, providers must adhere to the licensing requirements. The protection of the players actually plays a role here, even proves to be quite rigid in some cases. For example, providers have to stop players who gamble away more than 1.000 euros per month. In addition, automated routines should recognize which players are at risk of gambling addiction and when. Smaller providers in particular face some challenges.