This month, the crime game series "Dark Cases - Tiefer Fall" celebrates its debut with a first regional crime game as a game: As a team of investigators, the players go on a hunt for criminals in the sleepy little town of Dennsberg, where Thomas Borgmann, managing director of a regional soup manufacturer, is on a climbing tour has crashed.

The first regional thriller as a game - that's how you could describe »Dark Cases – Deeper Fall«. Because in this crime game, which will be published by Gmeiner-Verlag in April, the players investigate a realistic criminal case from the provinces. Not only the impact with local color is unusual, but also the author of the crime game - he is, among other things, an off-speaker for the German wrestling league "New European Championship Wrestling" and otherwise quite busy in various areas.

Criminal case against a village backdrop

As a team, they go on a hunt for perpetrators in the sleepy town of Dennsberg, where Thomas Borgmann, managing director of the traditional soup manufacturer Borgmann's, fell from a height of several meters while climbing the Talbachhorn and has been in the hospital with life-threatening injuries ever since. While the local police department is still assuming it was a tragic accident, there are increasing signs pointing in a completely different direction.

»Dark Cases – Deep Fall« is aimed at all fans of crime and puzzle games as well as lovers of regional crime who want to do real investigative work. Ideally, the game is played in a team of up to six people. But of course the case can also be solved by one player alone.

The investigative team must evaluate the available documents, interrogation records and witness statements, examine the evidence secured by the police and check the motives and alibis of the suspects. Research is being carried out - analogue and digital -, discussed and combined in order to solve the mysterious case together.

The author behind the crime game, Tobias Kühnlein, actually works in the field of e-commerce. He has also published several books, is an off-speaker for the German wrestling league "New European Championship Wrestling" and works as a graphic designer. The fan of puzzle games and escape rooms used the corona lockdown to develop the crime game »Dark Cases – Tiefer Fall« together with his partner Mona Dengler.

Dark Cases – Deep Fall is aimed at ages 1 to 6, ages 14+. According to the publisher, the playing time is one and a half to three hours. Internet access is required to play the game. The game material can be used several times.

Gmeiner-Verlag has numerous crime games in its portfolio, among others Murder in the Mafiosa villa, Figure, Crime Master, Crime Masters 2 or Short process.

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