Entertainment and toy retailer Hasbro's toy recycling program is gaining momentum. Since February 28th, Hasbro has received strong support from the retail group Müller, offering consumers expanded opportunities to have their broken Hasbro toys recycled.

Now in its fourth year, Hasbro is offering its German consumers a way to recover their broken Hasbro toys
to dispose of and recycle, Switzerland and Austria followed last year. With Müller as a strong and strategic partner at the side, the initiative will receive further impetus, so that Hasbro can strengthen its offer nationwide in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

New synergies through cooperation with Müller

“Sustainability and environmental protection are particularly important to families and children in particular. We as a toy manufacturer and Müller as a trading partner take responsibility when it comes to our toys and sales. We want to show that we take environmental protection seriously and that we are committed to the sustainable use of resources in toys," said Rafaela Hartenstein, European Director Corporate Affairs at Hasbro.

“With Müller at our side, we have a strong partner who cares about this topic just as much as we do. By networking our synergies, we enable our customers throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland to send in their broken Hasbro toys free of charge. The program is another important milestone in Hasbro's long-term sustainability course, which is why we are very pleased to have the support of such an influential partner as Müller Holding GmbH & Co. KG.”

The aim of the recycling initiative is to save toys and games from being incinerated and instead use the materials
recycle to protect the environment. Plastic is a valuable raw material and should not end up in landfills. But that's exactly what happens when broken toys are disposed of in the yellow bag or in the residual waste bin - the mountains of rubbish are growing. Consumers are often unaware that conventional recycling facilities for products as complex as toys do not
are designed. And that's twice as bad for the environment, because the high-quality starting materials for the toys are also lost. Hasbro's recycling program ensures that the products are broken down into their individual parts, the various materials such as plastics, metals, fibers, etc. are separated and returned to a raw material-like state.

These recycled materials can then be used to make things like storage containers and park benches.
Strategic partnership on a recycling mission The initiative is enjoying ever-increasing approval worldwide. Hasbro initiated the toy recycling program in the US in 2018, becoming the world's first toy manufacturer, a year later
the offer was extended to the German market, followed by Austria and Switzerland at the end of 2021. With Mueller's support, Hasbro is expanding its initiative to offer consumers more ways to recycle their broken Hasbro toys.

Sustainability, environmental protection and the associated customer satisfaction have top priority for both partners. Therefore
Hasbro's toy recycling program fits perfectly into Müller's sustainable orientation. Recycle toys quickly, easily and free of charge Participating is easy and free of charge for consumers: the Müller retail group provides a free shipping label for download on its website, which can be used to send broken Hasbro toys by post. An overview of everything that belongs to Hasbro can be found online. These are, for example, action figures from Transformers, plastic-based games such as four in a row or creative sets from Play-Doh. Only toys and games that require batteries are exempt

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