As announced by Asmodee US, among others, the Unexpected Games studio working with game designer Corey Konieczka is working on a new title: "Voices In My Head" will be a board game that takes place in a courtroom. A prosecutor faces the accused – the players take on their different personalities as well as the role of the public prosecutor.  

After The Initiative, Corey Konieczka has the next new board game from the still young studio Unexpected Games in the pipeline. "Voices in my Head" is about a mix of topics from the fields of law and psychology.

Voices In My Head: One Against "All"

The start could have gone better for Corey Konieczka's board game. After the announcement, there was criticism on Twitter. This did not refer to the game or the game idea itself, but to the design of the cover. There, sitting on the jury bench in the middle of the courtroom, is an Asian woman wearing a Chinese cheongsam - a traditional woman's dress. Inappropriate, but above all stereotypical, so the criticism.

It's about a court hearing in a playful way: In the board game for three to six players, one of the group slips into the role of the public prosecutor, the others embody the different personalities of the main character, each equipped with their own secret game goals based on the various personality traits such as selfishness or honesty. In order to win, players must achieve their individual goals.

This competitive board game should also focus on narrative elements, which the studio has defined as one of its trademarks.

"This game blends some of my greatest passions into an experience I've never seen before," said game designer Corey Konieczka. The goal was to give the game a storytelling experience that players "will remember for years to come." In any case, the humor shouldn't be neglected.

In each round of the game, the prosecution first plays a court card, for example to present evidence or to question witnesses. Then it is the turn of the other players to play the role of the accused - at the end of the day there is the question: will you get free or end up in prison?

"Voices in my Head" is the second game from Unexpected Games after the successful debut The Initiative. The premiere title got off to a good start: within two weeks of publication, the board game made it onto the bestseller list on Amazon, among other things. The sold-out first edition was expected for the second round of printing in languages ​​including French and Japanese.

Before founding his own studio, Corey Konieczka worked for Fantasy Flight Games. He is behind board game the Star Wars: Rebellion, Eldritch Horror or Descent. "Voices in My Head" is scheduled for release in the first quarter of 2022. The price is around 35 euros.


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