The legendary sci-fi universe of Frank Herbert returns to the world of video games with the strategy game Dune: Spice Wars from Funcom and Shiro Games. Launching in Early Access on Steam today, the RTS with 4X elements will see players compete for supremacy over the Spice on the planet Arrakis.

With the help of political maneuvers, military dominance and resource management, players conquer the planet as one of the four playable factions. More factions, a multiplayer mode, a campaign and more will be added to the game in the course of Early Access.

The spice has to flow

The spice must flow, but while players fight with opposing factions, the planet itself poses a threat with violent storms and giant sandworms. Players take control of the honorable Atreides, the brutal Harkonnen, the opportunistic smugglers, or the Fremen survivors . Each faction has its own strengths and weaknesses and offers different specializations by choosing iconic characters as advisers.

Shiro Games, the studio behind the critically acclaimed strategy game Northgard, has had good experiences with early access titles. Sebastien Vidal, CEO of Shiro Games, said: “We are all very proud of the current state of the game as it comes out in Early Access. It's the start of a journey and the game will only get bigger from here with the help of valuable player feedback.”

Dune: Spice Wars starts in Early Access with four playable factions and will continue to grow until full release. A multiplayer mode, more factions and a campaign top the list. Dune: Spice Wars is currently available for €29,99, but this may change during Early Access.

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