Gaming hardware manufacturer Razer has announced a new gamepad: The Razer Raion combines a traditional controller design with arcade stick controls. The gamepad primarily appeals to fans of beat'em ups, i.e. fast fighting games that require precise and direct controllability. The Razer Raion appears for Playstation 4 and PC with a manufacturer's recommended retail price of 109,99 euros. The controller is available now.

Designed from the ground up for fighting game lovers, the Razer Raion features a six-button layout on the front of the fightpad, an eight-way tactile D-pad, and traditional shoulder and trigger buttons. According to the manufacturer, the design should stand for a high level of versatility, both for the standard controls and for the Claw Grip style of play. A competition mode deactivates additional buttons, while the Playstation 4 touchpad has all known functions.

Razer Raion: Developed with community feedback

In fighting games in particular, direct, precise control is essential. Matches are usually decided in a fraction of a second, with decisions that need to be made in just as short a time. "Using the best controller can make the difference between victory and defeat," writes hardware manufacturer Razer.

The Razer Raion was developed with the support and feedback of members in the fighting game community. The result is a gamepad that combines the features of arcade sticks with a traditional controller design.

The Razer Raion gives me the control I need for fighting games. The first-class comfort and the feedback with the D-Pad and the action buttons mean for me full focus and maximum fun when entering my combos.
Mark 'MarkMan' Julio, Fighting Game Pro and part of Team Razer

The well-known arcade stick layout served as the basis for the Razer Raion; Razer has implemented six action buttons on the front. These are also larger than the standard buttons on conventional controllers, and they are arranged in such a way that combos should be easier to perform in the heat of the moment.

The features of the Razer Raion:

  • Six-action button layout
  • Razer ™ Mechanical Switch for action buttons
  • Razer ™ Mecha-Tactile 8-Way D-Pad
  • Disabling buttons for competition
  • Analog 3,5 mm audio connection
  • 3 m cable with strain relief
  • Wired connection
  • Approximate dimensions: 173 mm (length) x 103 mm (width) x 58 mm (height)
  • Approximate weight: 275g

The Razer Raion uses the yellow mechanical Razer switches for ultra-fast and precise triggering so that every keystroke on the action buttons is executed correctly. Rated for 80 million keystrokes, this industry-leading technology is also found in Razer keyboards. The Razer Yellow Switch stands for quick and precise input even in the most demanding competitive battles.

The Razer Raion is also available for Playstation 4. Photo: Razer

Well-known functional touchpad: The Razer Raion is also available for Playstation 4. Photo: Razer

The Razer Raion features a Razer Mecha-Tactile 8-way D-Pad to enable gamers to quickly and accurately perform digital inputs. This is especially important in fighting games, where perfect execution of quarter and semicircle movements is often crucial to winning a match.

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The responsive 8-way D-pad has a soft, tactile surface for better feedback when entering combos. The higher feedback rate gives players a better feeling of control and reduces the number of wrong moves when it matters.

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