“Lotti Karotti”, a rabbit race for a carrot, is currently the best-selling children's game in Germany and has been on the market for 20 years. Now the anniversary variant “Lotti Karotti Deluxe” has been chosen as the overall winner of the German Toy Prize 2021. The publisher will point this out. A jury of experts and consumers jointly determined the winner. Before that, they chose “Lotti Karotti Deluxe” as their favorite game in the “Everything for a child's heart” category.

The expert jury of the parents' magazine "familie & co" selected 37 toys and rated them for fun, innovation and a harmonious design. Around 10.000 readers of the magazine chose their favorites in five categories in the past few weeks. Stephanie Hummer, product manager for games at Ravensburger, is enthusiastic about the award: "It's great that a game idea that has been in the program for so long is now receiving an award as an anniversary variant."

Lotti Karotti: 125.000 copies sold in 2020

Marko Petersen, Publishing Director of IDS and organizer of the online competition, explains this year's choice: “With Lotti Karotti Deluxe, Ravensburger has proven that the further development of classic toys can be much more than mere marketing or optical cosmetics. Because for the 20th birthday of the popular rabbit race, the makers are donating very well thought-out, additional obstacles such as a gate, a mole or even a funny drawbridge, which make the race for the rotating carrot more difficult.


Lotti Karotti sells thousands of times. Image: Ravensburger

Lotti Karotti sells thousands of times. Image: Ravensburger

In addition, the bunnies are now hopping through the green in a noble metallic look, which should be more of a side note. The well-known game principle including the additional elements convinces young and old, because Lotti Karotti Deluxe is - like its predecessor - the best game fun for the whole family and simply never gets boring. "
Lotti Karotti sold 125.000 last year

Lotti Karotti, the classic from 2001, was sold more than 125.000 times in the last year alone and continues to lead the rankings for children's games in Germany. (Source: npdgroup, category learning and children's games Germany, 2020). The game, which reliably creates a good mood in the children's room, is also a great success worldwide, with over eight million units sold. The 3D action game won numerous awards abroad: in Austria it was voted “Game of Games” in the year of publication and “Children's Game of the Year” in France and Finland. The rules of the game have now been translated into almost all European languages ​​as well as into Hebrew and Farsi.


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