Listening together, solving puzzles and solving mysterious cases with the help of an app: Ravensburger is showing the new interactive “audio game” series “echoes” at this year's novelty show at the world's largest consumer fair for parlor games, Spiel '21 in Essen. The players immerse themselves in exciting stories and that through their hearing. This not only requires excellent memory, but also a lot of combination skills - and above all, extremely fine hearing.

Up to six players, ages 14+, try to reconstruct a mysterious case. You have to listen to the echoes of the past to understand what happened. The special thing about it: Ravensburger largely dispenses with pictorial representations - the mysterious game world is created through sound such as music, tone and language.

"echoes" expands puzzle game segment

“The demand for immersive and cooperative games from the exit, mystery and crime genre has grown enormously in recent years,” says Thomas Zumbühl, International Category Director Games at Ravensburger. “With“ echoes ”we wanted to create something completely new in this segment.” The multitude of True Crime podcasts shows that audio works well with Mystery. A combination of these components was the logical consequence.

Only 24 atmospherically illustrated cards provide fragmentary, partly hidden information. Behind every image there are essential noises or parts of a conversation. With the free “echoes” app, players can listen to them as soon as they move their mobile phone camera over the game material. Everything else follows a simple game principle: Listen very carefully, perceive all details and combine what you hear with what you see. The game is divided into six chapters, to which the players have to assign the three correct object cards - and of course in the correct order. Once the players have solved all the individual chapters, they have to put all six chapters in the correct order at the end. Whoever manages that will find out what an enigmatic, exciting story has happened.

“Echoes” offers two levels of difficulty: Beginners start with half of the object cards. Experienced "echoes" investigators start directly with all 18 object cards. In both cases, the game material can be reused once the case has been resolved. The “echoes” app will be available for download free of charge on tablets and smartphones that run on iOS or Android. If necessary, it not only provides assistance in solving the case, it also creates the right atmosphere at the same time. One thing should be revealed in advance: a creaking door, a bang or dull footsteps sound even more eerie than they read.

There are three cases at the start

"Echoes" - the dancer
A ghost of a young girl haunts a Scottish country house. Listen carefully to the fragments of her mysterious story and thus solve the riddle of her death.

"Echoes" - the cocktail
In an illegal pub, characters from the New York underworld make sinister plans. Listen to the conversations at the bar and solve the riddle of their leader, "Cruel Steve".

"Echoes" - the microchip
In the distant future, the world will be in ruins. Follow the acoustic traces of the past and solve the dark mystery of the decay of modern civilization.


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