After more than 35 years and more than 20 million games sold, the international family game evergreen "The Crazy Labyrinth" is getting a new app with a modern design. This is announced by the publishing house Ravensburger. Included is the basic game in the new edition from 2021 as well as the junior version of the labyrinth from 2022. You can play alone or in multiplayer with up to four players on one device. The crazy sliding fun is available in the App Store for 6,99 euros.

In the digital maze, players roam the labyrinth as a magician, witch, fortune teller and sorcerer's apprentice. Otherwise it's the same as always: the players move corridors and walls to get to the treasures and mythical creatures that are on their mystery cards. Whoever has explored all the secrets first and returned to their starting place has won the crazy push with the simple and at the same time unique game principle. Due to the random arrangement of the gears, each game is different. So limitless fun is guaranteed.

Additional labyrinth editions can be purchased

Additional labyrinth editions can be purchased within the app from EUR 2,99. These include the "Master's Labyrinth" with a completely new approach to the game and an "Ocean Labyrinth" with exciting event cards. The versions “Germany Labyrinth” and “Japan Labyrinth”, which were previously only published in the respective country, can also be bought in the app. There are tutorials for each game variant for labyrinth newbies. The app also supports five languages, including German, English, French, Italian and Spanish. Incidentally, the number of language versions is small compared to the classic: The crazy labyrinth had already been translated into 2011 languages ​​by 60, Ravensburger announced at the time.

Because the basic idea and structure correspond to the original, children in particular can also benefit from playing the digital adaptation: spatial thinking and concentration are required for the placement game.

The "Ravensburger Labyrinth" app is now available in the App Store via Apple iOS and Google Android.

The new apps are not the first digital adaptations: Ravensburger released the game as an HD version for iOS back in 2011. And that's not all: The crazy labyrinth appeared as a PC computer game on CD-ROM back in 2001, and in 2008 Dtp Entertainment submitted a version for Nintendo DS.

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