There's new fodder for Minecraft fans: two cooperative games, one for families and one more challenging strategy game, plus two 2D puzzles and two 3D puzzles. The games are published by Ravensburger.

With its pixelated landscapes, towering buildings, and millions of players, Minecraft is a global phenomenon and the best-selling video game of all time. For the tenth anniversary of the video game in 2019, Ravensburger released the first analog board game: "Minecraft Builders & Biomes" - a complete success. 

Minecraft Portal Dash

At the successful Minecraft board game premiere three years ago with "Minecraft: Builders & Biomes" and the Farmers Market expansion, the focus was on constructing buildings and breaking down blocks. Now it's getting monstrously hot: In the new cooperative strategy game "Minecraft Portal Dash" the players are trapped in the Nether, Minecraft's fiery underworld. Hordes of mobs await.

Only if players work together as a team and use their equipment and dwindling resources wisely will they be able to reach the saving portal, defeat the boss and escape the Nether. Thanks to a modular system with new mobs, game board parts and different bosses, the game constantly offers new and always challenging adventures.

Minecraft Heroes of the Village

"Minecraft Heroes of the Village" is the name of the new Ravensburger board game for the whole family with children aged seven and over. Together the players want to defend a village from the attack of the enemy Illager. To do this, they explore the world, collect blocks, build buildings and fight monsters. Loyal to the players: animal companions with special abilities.

Only if the players have built all three buildings before the Illager reach the village do they win the adventure. "Minecraft Heroes of the Village" creates an easy introduction to the Minecraft game world with short game rounds. The player skins that can be combined in different ways, as well as different levels of difficulty for illagers and buildings, ensure lasting fun and plenty of variety.

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Ravensburger 20914 Minecraft Heroes of The Village –... Ravensburger 20914 Minecraft Heroes of The Village –... * Currently no reviews 23,75 EUR

New Minecraft puzzles

Only classic table games for the Minecraft license are available from the Ravensburger publishing house, and fans of puzzles are also served with some new products. 

2D Puzzle Minecraft Mobs

Almost like a hidden object, this 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle is filled with various creatures, also known as "mobs" in the gaming community. Minecraft fans will discover many well-known mobs while doing a relaxed jigsaw puzzle.

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Ravensburger Puzzle 17188 - Minecraft Mobs - 1000 pieces Minecraft... Ravensburger Puzzle 17188 - Minecraft Mobs - 1000 pieces Minecraft... * Currently no reviews 13,89 EUR

2D Puzzle World of Minecraft

Anyone who needs an analog break from computer games will get their money's worth with the 1.500-piece Minecraft puzzle. Puzzle piece by puzzle piece, the colorful and pixelated Minecraft world can be enjoyed here without a screen.

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Ravensburger Puzzle 17189 - World of Minecraft - 1500 pieces... Ravensburger Puzzle 17189 - World of Minecraft - 1500 pieces... * Currently no reviews 15,99 EUR

3D Puzzle Heart Box Minecraft

An extra life! The heart casket in Minecraft design is an absolute eye-catcher in every child's room and offers space for a few small treasures. The 54 dimensionally stable plastic puzzle pieces fit together perfectly so that a stable shape is gradually formed as you puzzle - without any sticking. The numbered puzzle pieces on the back ensure easy assembly. Plug in the additional parts supplied and the practical box is ready.

3D Puzzle Storage Box Minecraft

A must for all Minecraft fans who also like puzzles and are looking for space for their odds and ends! The box consists of 216 individually shaped puzzle pieces and is a lot of fun to assemble. Part by part you dive into the limitless world of Minecraft.

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Ravensburger 3D Puzzle 11285 - Heart Box Minecraft - 54 Pieces... Ravensburger 3D Puzzle 11285 - Heart Box Minecraft - 54 Pieces... * Currently no reviews 9,99 EUR

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