After GraviTrax Core and GraviTrax Pro, GraviTrax Power is already the third world in Ravensburger's growing GraviTrax universe. The novelty will add further central dimensions to the ball track world from September: electronics, control, interaction. According to the toy manufacturer, the new Power product line is all about invisible connections, communicating bricks and the first steps in programming.

According to Ravensburger, GraviTrax Power brings electronic components to the ball track system. "The stones of the third product line, which can be used flexibly in all GraviTrax tracks, will allow ball track fans to become one with their tracks from September," says the publisher in its announcement of the autumn novelty. 

New elements for the ball tracks

Designers can integrate the new elements into the web and set them to one of three color channels. In this way, the master builders create specific dependencies between the stones, since components connected on a channel communicate with each other via radio.

According to Ravensburger, the new GraviTrax Power product line can be installed with all previous starter sets and elements. Those who already own GraviTrax components can connect them to their track with the GraviTrax Power-Extension Interaction. It includes the controller and all electronic elements that will be commercially available from September. If, on the other hand, it is primarily a question of repeatedly gaining height and extending the runtime of your ride, you can use the autonomously functioning power elements "Lever" and "Elevator". They will also be available individually from September.

The starter and finish are included in the GraviTrax Launch power starter set - it's like a good introduction to the new product line, because the controller is also included. Both hold up to seven balls. If the power elements are connected on a color channel, a new ball starts automatically when another one passes through the target stone - while further balls can be flexibly sent onto the course by pressing a button on the controller or by the player himself pressing the transparent top of the starter. Particularly practical: the metal main characters of the ball track gather behind the target stone in a stylish, transparent target arena, which can also be removed while playing, which allows the starter to be refilled quickly.

Build interactive marble runs

In order to create invisible connections on the ball track, the new power elements are divided into transmitter and receiver stones. The finish target stone and trigger, a kind of short tunnel, send a signal to all target stone connected to them on an activated channel when a ball rolls through them. This can be the power starter, the switch - a kind of switch - or the lever. These stones then react immediately and one or more of the following reactions occur: Another ball launches, the switch changes direction and opens up another path, the lever returns to its original position.

The player can always combine the stones in different ways, but also set receiver stones individually to a color channel - and when playing, also activate each channel at the desired moment via the controller, which always acts as a transmitter. To lock a POWER element to a color channel, simply press the brick's power button until the desired channel color lights up.

Many die-hard fans have long wished for a kind of lift that automatically transports balls back to higher levels and extends the runtime of the track. The autonomous Poer-Element Elevator even transports several balls at the same time and without manual reset up seven height stones. As soon as a ball reaches the elevator, they transport its lift stairs to higher track levels without any action. This supports new path courses and brings cool effects into play. Unlike the other Power Line bricks available for the time being, the Autonomous Elevator is an electronic element that, once switched on, always reacts automatically to approaching bullets and does not communicate with other Power Bricks.

On the other hand, if you want to move balls up one after the other somewhere else on the track, you can use the lever. It lifts balls by 3,5 to four height stones and in autonomous mode is immediately returned to the starting position after each ball. In contrast to the elevator, the lever can be played in autonomous mode or set to a color channel. It then communicates as a receiver with other power elements on the train.

If the player in turn pairs the switch with a trigger or the finish, the switch is switched as if by magic to one of two alternative courses through the track as soon as a ball passes through the transmitter stone. It doesn't matter where it is in the web, as long as the common color channel is activated. Players can also switch the switch flexibly by pressing a button on the controller or manually on the crossover - as often and whenever they want.


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