The German Toy Prize annually awards selected new, innovative and pedagogically valuable toys. This year there are a total of 44 products in five categories on the nominee list. Ravensburger is among them with five innovations - and thus has a chance of receiving the renowned award several times.

The German Toy Prize initiated by the magazine “Family & Co” has been awarded annually for 20 years – again this year. Consumers have a say in this. In 2022, 44 products from five categories are on the nomination list, Ravensburger was able to enter five times. The publisher provided the overall winner last year: Lotti Karotti. The game also won the category "Everything for children's hearts" in 2021.

Ravensburger: Gravitrax – The Game also nominated

Five Ravensburger titles are on the nomination list:


Jigsaw puzzles are fun. children anyway. With the new "Puzzle&Play" series from Ravensburger, the fun really begins after the puzzles have been completed. Because children from the age of four use it to puzzle their own play scenario, in which they can play freely and creatively. With the figures and objects contained in the pack, you can go on an adventure tour on two floors per set, for example in the jungle, on a treasure hunt with pirates or on a knight's castle with a dragon visit.

Puzzle&Play (Jungle Adventure, Safari Time, Land in Sight, Pirate Treasure Hunt, Royale Party, Kingdom of Donuts), for kids from 4 years,
each (RRP) 14,99 euros, ET March 2022

Move smart! Felix Wackelnix

The clever action game with the wobbly egg trains body and mind at the same time. The sloth mascot motivates families with children from the age of five to do fun movement tasks and sets them cognitive tasks. The players stretch or stretch and balance the egg, as "Felix-Fauli" demonstrates on cards. But part of the sporting challenge is to think of five green animals or three ball sports. Pretty tricky. The other players cheer until it is their turn to practice body awareness, balance and concentration. Ravensburger developed the game in cooperation with the Felix Neureuther Foundation's "Beweg dich schlau!" program to motivate children to exercise more in everyday life.

Felix Wackelnix, for children from 5 years, 2 – 6 players, (RRP) 33,99 euros,
ET September 2022

BRIO shuffleshot

Who manages to rip off their opponent with the perfect shuffle? One thing can be revealed in advance: only those who use the right tactics will win. With the new BRIO Shuffleshot, strategy and skill go hand in hand. It doesn't matter whether the barricade with the opponent's well-placed discs is aimed at first or the high score is aimed directly: the aim is to achieve the highest number of points by getting the players as close as possible to the red dot in the middle of the game board. When all targets have been shot, the game goes to the next round. Points are registered using the sliders on the side of the table game. The player who scores ten points first wins the game. So that no discs are lost, they can be easily stowed inside the board.

BRIO shuffleshot, for children from 6 years, 1 – 4 players, (RRP) 59,99 euros,
ET April 2022

GraviTrax THE GAME

GraviTrax THE GAME is puzzle and building fun all about the Ravensburger marble run system. A whole new game idea for everyone who likes to "think outside the box" to solve tricky puzzles. The new series of logic games invites children, young people and all marble track fans to puzzle and try things out with task cards and elements from the GraviTrax universe. The Brainteasers can be played without any GraviTrax Starter Set or GraviTrax "Equipment". Previous knowledge of building is also not required. Building puzzles of varying difficulty await the players. These specify which GraviTrax elements from the game must be installed in order to create short marble runs. This can get pretty tricky! If the ball rolls from start to finish, the player has mastered the challenge. Game and puzzle fun for at home and on the go. Alone, with friends or the whole family!

GraviTrax The Game (IMPACT, FLOW, COURSE), for children from 8 years,
each (RRP) 26,99 euros, ET March 2022

Labyrinth Team Edition

In this cooperative labyrinth version, everyone plays together against Daedulus, the spirit of the labyrinth. Round by round, players will flip through Daedalus' spellbook to learn what obstacles he puts in their way. Can you use your magic well, sliding the walls and finding all the hidden treasures before the last page of the book is turned? Because that's the only way they can win. Due to a constantly new game structure, the fun is limitless.

Labyrinth Team Edition, for children from 8 years, (RRP) 34,99 euros,
ET September 2022

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