The publishing giant Ravensburger insists on presenting its innovations at the online trade fair There is also a hodgepodge of games for different target groups: From expert games to puzzles to party games, the publishing house from Oberschwaben has a colorful range of titles in its luggage. There is also a program for, including a German and English-language stream of some of the autumn innovations.

Ravensburger is bringing innovations and live events to SPIEL, which this year is taking place as a purely online trade fair. From October 22nd to 25th, the publisher, based in Ravensburg, invites you to participate and has brought some influencers on board for the video stream, who will play live and probably talk more. Family games or puzzle titles are presented, as well as concepts that appeal to connoisseurs.

Every evening: influencer television

Ravensburger invites you to watch the stream on all four days of, with live broadcasts in German and English starting at 18 p.m. in the evening. Board games such as The White shark, The Castles of Tuscany or The Castles of Burgundy. Much more exciting, however, is probably the live stream of Back to the Future, a board game that fans in this country would like to see in a localized version.

Thursday, October 22nd
  • 18.00:19.00 p.m. - XNUMX:XNUMX p.m .: JAWS: LIVE Game Demo with Joe and Emily (English)
  • 19.00pm - 20.00pm: Strike: Game Demo with influencer Ella Ampongan (English)
  • 19.00 - 20.00 p.m .: The Castles of Tuscany: LIVE Unboxing and Game Demo + the expansions for Minecraft: Builders & Biomes and Disney Villainous with Hunter & Cron (German)
  • 21.30pm - 23.00pm: Marvel Villainous: Infinite Power: LIVE Game Demo with Tuck and Chelsea (English)
Friday October 23
  • 18.00:19.00 p.m. - XNUMX:XNUMX p.m .: Disney Villainous: Evil Comes Prepared: LIVE Game Demo with Joe and Emily (English)
  • 19.00 - 20.30 p.m .: The Castles of Tuscany - with the Hunter & Cron team and LIVE-Chat (German)
  • 21.30pm - 22.30pm: The Castles of Burgundy: LIVE Game Demo with Tuck and Chelsea (English)
  • 22.30pm - 23.00pm: ThinkFun Escape the Room 3 - LIVE Unboxing and Game Demo with Tuck and Chelsea (English)
Saturday October 24th
  • 18.00:19.00 p.m. - XNUMX:XNUMX p.m .: The Princess Bride: Adventure Book Game: LIVE Game Demo with Matt and Mel (English)
  • 19.00 - 20.00 p.m .: LIVE game presentation: The Castles of Tuscany + the expansion to Minecraft Builders & Biomes with Hunter & Cron and interviews with the authors Stefan Feld and Ulrich Blum! (German)
  • 20.00:21.30 p.m. - XNUMX:XNUMX p.m .: The Castles of Tuscany: LIVE Game Demo - with Hunter & Cron (German)
  • 21.30pm - 22.00pm: The Castles of Tuscany: LIVE Game Demo with Meeple University / BGG (English)
Sunday October 25th
  • 18.00 p.m. - 19.00 p.m .: The Castles of Tuscany: LIVE Unboxing + the expansions for Minecraft: Builders & Biomes and Disney Villainous with Hunter & Cron (repeat)
  • 18.00:19.00 p.m. - XNUMX:XNUMX p.m .: Back to the Future: LIVE Game Demo with Tuck and Chelsea (English)

Fall novelties 2020 from Ravensburger

Board games that primarily appeal to connoisseurs appear under the Alea brand. This year Ravenburger is bringing The Castles of Tuscany by Stefan Feld and the new edition of Puerto Rico by Andreas Seyfarth to SPIEL and to the Ravensburger schedule, the hub that fans can access digitally on the platform.

Puerto Rico by Stefan Seyfarth - new edition

The new edition for Puerto Rico relies on visual revisions. Image rights: Ravensburger

The new edition for Puerto Rico has been optically adapted. Image: Ravensburger

The new edition from Puerto Rico is more than just a visual preparation. The version appears not only in an adapted design, but also with revised game material. In addition, the board game by author Stefan Seyfarth contains two more expansions than before, for a total of four.

Gold prospector or governor - settler or builder? No matter what role the players play in the New World, their goal is to achieve as much wealth and prestige as possible. From passage to passage, the players slip into one of seven roles and thus trigger an action for all players: For example, the settler creates new plantations on which goods are then produced with the help of the supervisor. The trader then sells these to the trading house or the captain ships them to the Old World. With the money earned, the builder can erect buildings in the city, etc. Whoever makes the best use of the sequence of the individual actions and their special privileges will have the greatest success and win the game. The winner is whoever has the most victory points at the end of the game.

The Castles of Tuscany by Stefan Feld

The Castles of Tuscany by Stefan Feld. Image: Ravensburger

The Castles of Tuscany by Stefan Feld. Image: Ravensburger

The Castles of Tuscany by Stefan Feld is a board game that Ravensburger describes as "harmonic field". This is related to the design of the game mechanics, which appeals to both beginners and experts alike.

Each of the two to four players has their own game board with different colored hexagons, the regions, in front of them. It is now important to build on this as well as possible in three rounds of valuation. Who at
it is your turn, you choose one of three possible actions: take tiles, place tiles or draw cards. The tiles represent, among other things, forts, cities, monasteries, agricultural areas or quarries. If you want to expand your regions with these, you first have to own them by taking any of the eight face-up tiles from your supply. You can only display it if you have two cards of the same color on the tile - the city in red, for example, costs two red cards. In addition, sovereigns may not simply build in the wild, but always adjacent to a tile that has already been laid out. The players get victory points for this: the larger the contiguous area in the same color, the more.

The cities are particularly exciting because there are so-called bonus cards for them. Depending on the choice of bonus card, the player can now always draw one more card, not one, but two for a village
Workers, take not one but two marble for a quarry, etc. The tile supply can also be increased to two or three, which gives the players more options and flexibility.

Family and party games from Ravensburger

Those who prefer lighter board games will find what they are looking for in the family and party games category, because Ravensburger also covers these with some new autumn products. So Krazy Pix is ​​all about playing with symbols. Basically, from a purely mechanical point of view, it is a real classic: Players lay out "images" using symbol tiles, the other players have to guess. In order for this to be possible at all due to the cryptic placement pictures, players are also given various tasks: If the task is, for example, "James Bond", you could reproduce a pistol or the numbers 007. Everything is allowed, in the end it should be funny, because winning is only secondary.

A similar entertainment concept is Krazy Words, but instead of symbols, players use linguistic means here. At the beginning of each round, each player receives a secret task for the others and nine letter tiles. With this, the word acrobats invent a Krazy Word that is as suitable as possible for their task, but which is definitely not to be found in any dictionary. Then it's time to guess. The players show each other their ingenious word creations and have to type which letter juggling fits which task.

Krazy Words and Krazy Pix share some basic rules, but rely once on language and once on symbols. Images: Ravensburger

Krazy Words and Krazy Pix share some basic rules, but rely once on language and once on symbols. Images: Ravensburger

Games in “Nobody is perfect – Extra Edition”, the well-known communicative party game that you can either love or hate, are also fun. The game includes new tasks related to the popular categories "Foreign Words" and "Oddities". There are also two brand new categories, "Quotes" and "The Other Way". On the one hand, the player who guessed the right answer gets points, and on the other hand, the player whose nonsense the others fell for. Whoever finishes first wins the game. Another clever trick: The Extra Edition can also be used as an extension to "Nobody is perfect Original" and "Nobody is perfect Mini".

Also appealing to families, but also to expert or connoisseur gamers who appreciate puzzles and brain teasers, Escape the Room: The Cursed Dollhouse by ThinkFun. The conditions are ideal for a spooky evening: A 3D model of a doll's house serves as a "playground" for escape game fun and makes the new offshoot from the "Escape the Room" series particularly immersive. The game box turns into a three-story dollhouse complete with eerie doll figures, furniture and accessories. Dark music, provided on the game's website, accompanies the experience, which "comes closer than ever to a real escape room visit," says Ravensburger.

In a new offshoot from the "Escape the Room" series, players have to escape from a 3D dollhouse. Image: Ravensburger

In the new spin-off from the "Escape the Room" series, players must escape from a 3D doll's house. Image: Ravensburger

Under time pressure, one to four players (it is usually recommended not to tackle such titles as a solo game) explore the rooms of the dollhouse, look for clues and solutions and try to solve the puzzles, the order of which is not specified. The spooky excursion lasts 120 minutes, of course the game is played cooperatively. The Cursed Doll's House" is the third offshoot of the series and this time the level of difficulty should be a bit higher than in the two predecessors "The Refuge of Dr. Gravely" and "The Mystery of the Observatory".

With a view to New Year's Eve, Ravensburger has already launched Dinner for One. Instead of watching, it's time to join in: In the party game based on the cult sketch of the same name, the players take turns slipping into the role of the butler "James" and re-enacting the scenes. And so that it doesn't become too easy, Inka and Markus Brand have come up with a game system that simulates drunkenness: With "Schwips-Chips" Dinner for One gradually becomes a small skill exercise. If a player feels that "James" has made a mistake, the corresponding card is checked. If "James" was actually wrong, he gets a tipsy chip as punishment. If he was right, the doubter gets it.

Of course, the increasingly drunk state of Butler James should not be missing in the party game. This is ensured by the drink menu with sherry, white wine, port wine and champagne. If a player draws one
Card, all players have to put a cardboard bottle on the inside of their left hand, then clamp it in the crook of their left arm, etc. Moving is becoming more and more difficult.

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