Photo fish, a breeze that inspires. Simple, colorful and definitely not lengthy, it will be a complete success for game adventurers and fish enthusiasts. Foto Fish is excellent from the age of four, but is also fun for older children.

Photo Fish by Michael Kallauch has been nominated for the Game of the Year 2020 and is now distributed by Pegasus Verlag. The game originally comes from the Lithuanian publisher Logis, who are known for the simplicity of their games. Can be explained quickly and a high fun factor is in the foreground. This also makes the publisher interesting for the German games market.

Photo Fish: Everyone is rewarded

The game immerses children in a world with colorful fish. Everyone gets their own aquarium and is equipped with a small camera. Everyone rolls the dice and then has to find the fish shown. Two to four players can put their good eyes to the test and when the right fish are in the picture frame, it's a click.

The longest fish wins the game. Copyright: Pegasus Games

Everyone who has found their fish gets a fish extension and the round is only over when all the children have found them. It is precisely this that encourages the children to support each other and also to help others to find their fish.
Whoever is fastest gets the longest fish menu, and rightly so. In the end, the winner is the child whose fish is too long for their own aquarium.
The difficulty can be varied so that the game is still fun for the elderly. To do this, you can simply turn your aquarium around or choose the larger camera. Then finding the right fish will be trickier, because too many fish are not allowed in the picture.

The Children's Game of the Year jury commented: "Foto Fish gives the children an incredibly good feeling on many levels. You have to be quick, but the slow ones will not be punished, they will still receive a small reward.

This creates such a low level of frustration that children literally sink into the small cardboard aquariums and search for the right fish with great concentration from the first to the last minute. […] A convincing overall package.” Foto Fish guarantees a sense of achievement for everyone and is guaranteed not to end with a Monopoly feeling.

The coveted blue pawn for that Children's Game of the Year Award 2020 Speedy Roll won on Monday, also from Lithuania by the author Urtis Šulinskas, and it convinced the jury with a simple basic idea and masterful implementation. Let'em roll!

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