Modiphius Entertainment has announced that a new miniatures bundle has been released for the Fallout tabletop. From now on, the "Raiders" are making the post-apocalyptic game worlds of Fallout Wasteland Warefare unsafe. In addition to the base set, two more specialized supply packs are available.

Robbers, looters, gangs: whatever you want to call the criminal "punks" in a post-apocalyptic game world, they are now available for the Fallout tabletop from the British publisher Modiphius Entertainment. The basic set costs the equivalent of 110.99 euros and contains seven resin miniatures and their figure bases.

The Raiders are here!

Crazy characters are not uncommon in the license based on the Bethesda Softworks license. The new "Raiders" are no exception and fit seamlessly into the world of the tabletop game Fallout Wasteland Warefare.

Modiphius is bringing the first major expansion to the Fallout tabletop onto the market, and the publisher speaks of a “wave” – as is usual with expansions that appear continuously. Game designer James Sheahan describes the Raiders as representing a marauding faction whose members "take what they want".

The looters are exactly what many fans of post-apocalyptic game worlds and their opponents stylistically expect. In addition to the basic set, the miniature expansion "Raiders, Scavengers and Psychos", "Ack-Ack, Sinjin and Avery" and an additional pack with 203 cards will be available. Modiphius Entertainment reveals in the announcement that there will also be a bonus miniature "Mysterious Stranger" with every order.

The Raiders are what many fans want from post-apocalyptic opponents. Image: Modiphius

The Raiders are what many fans want from post-apocalyptic opponents. Image: Modiphius

Wave 2 also contains iconic Fallout items: such as the X-01 Power Armor or the Gauss rifle. In addition to new miniatures, expanded gameplay content will also provide variety: new residents will populate the barren landscapes and new leader cards provide additional tactical options. Modiphius wants to expand the concept in the third wave with the Automatron deck. 

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