The French publisher Days of Wonder has announced Heat – Pedal to the Metal, a new board game based on car racing in the 1960s. The title with the vintage-style illustrations will be released this fall: As the publisher has announced, Heat – Pedal to the Metal will be available at SPIEL'22 in Essen.

The authors Asger Harding Granerud and Daniel Skjold Pedersen are behind the racing board game Heat - Pedal to the Metal by Days of Wonder: They are known from board games like Copenhagen, and 13 Days, Deep Blue or Flamme Rouge. With the new racing board game, the two invite you to fast-paced laps on four tracks with speedsters from the sixties just in time for SPIEL'22 in Essen.

Heat - Pedal to the metal with a vintage look

Not only does it go back to the sixties in terms of content, but visually you will probably be able to buy the jump in time from the board game Heat - Pedal to the Metal: the illustrations by Vincent Dutrait are based on a good portion of vintage and are intended to support the theme of the title. They also want to capture the racing feeling of the golden era of motorsport in a playful way: It will be fast, but above all dangerous. As early as 1960, two drivers died at the Belgian Grand Prix and two others were seriously injured. At that time it was all about top speeds, safety played a subordinate role - that was to change in the years that followed.

The title of Heat - Pedal to the Metal already indicates what it's about. The engines have to be pushed to the limit, but you're not allowed to fly off the runway. The authors use a card-driven mechanism that focuses on clever hand management. It is important to find the balance between top speed and overheating in order to race to the top and ultimately be the first to cross the finish line.

Heat - Pedal to the Metal will be playable in individual sessions or as part of a racing series, as is already known from other racing board games such as Rallyman GT (Holy Grail Games) or Grand Prix (GMT).

The board game is aimed at up to six players, but can also be played in a solo mode - in the latter it is then against legendary racing drivers from the sixties on the tracks. According to the publisher, a game should last around an hour. Due to the mechanism, the equipment with cards is plentiful.

Heat – Pedal to the Metal will be available in time for SPIEL'22 in Essen, then probably on site as well as in retail.

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