Just a few weeks ago, two expansions and a more compact standalone title were released by Skellig Games in German for Insel der Katzen. Designer Frank West now announces the next novelty in the island of cats universe for 2023.

The Isle of Cats will be home to another board game novelty. Since both that Basic game as well as the extension kittens and beasts received top marks in our test and the games generally have many fans, the general expectations of the new title should be high. Much more than the announcement is not yet known.

Race to the Raft - Cooperative across the Isle of Cats

Anyone who has been concerned about what is happening to the cats we live in island of cats could not save, are in Race to the raft get an answer to this question. The players take on the role of the cats that are still on the island. This is now on fire and the only way to safety is on a small raft on the other side of the island. Everyone must work together to find their way through the smoke and reach the rescue raft in time.

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The game is suitable for 1-4 people aged 8 and over. The playing time should be 40 to 60 minutes. It is not known if and when the game will appear in German. Since so far all titles island of cats were released by Skellig Games, one can assume that Race to the raft will also appear there.

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