Since 2018, players have been founding space empires and exploring new galaxies with the second, revised edition of the expert game Race for the Galaxy. With Playing with Fire, the three expansions Storm Gathering, Rebels vs. Empire and On the Brink of War are now available as a practical bundle from Pegasus Games.

Thanks to the development of the jump drive, the colonization of the entire galaxy has begun - former Earth colonies set out to found powerful space empires in Race for the Galaxy.

Race for the Galaxy: Into Worlds Far Away

Two to four players from the age of twelve open up new worlds, develop new technologies and find artifacts from the alien overlords civilization that mysteriously disappeared. In each round, the players secretly choose an action card and reveal it.

It is important to weigh up what is most important: discover, settle, develop, trade, consume or produce. In each round, only the action phases of the revealed cards are carried out, but these may be used by all players. In Tom Lehmann's expert game, whoever knows how best to use the choices of the others for themselves has the edge.

With Playing with Fire, Pegasus Spiele is now releasing the three previously released expansions Storm Gathering, Rebels vs. Empire and On the Brink of War as a practical bundle. In addition to new maps and starting worlds, Playing with Fire also contains optional modules such as additional goals or the possibility, under certain conditions, to conquer military worlds in the display of the other players.

The expansions can be added to the base game either individually or in combination. A game with the optional construction variant becomes even more challenging, in which the players build their deck from a limited selection of cards and only have limited information about the cards of the others. A solo variant is also available, in which the player plays against an adaptable robot.

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