Sometimes you really enjoy playing a game and still want some variety. If you like Qwixx, you can not only fall back on the numerous extensions, but also on the many variants.

A previous post was about the Extensions of Qwixx. In this post are now the different variants of the game on the program. For clarification: As an extension I consider the games that require the base game and use only one new block (The exception here is Qwixx Longo which is a standalone game). The variants, on the other hand, are standalone games or slightly modified versions of the basic game.

Qwixx: What variants are there?

Qwixx was released ten years ago (2012) and the following variants have gradually appeared.

Qwixx XL

Qwixx XL probably represents the smallest deviations from the basic version. In this variant, the game block and the dice are slightly larger than in the normal game. The blocks also have a field for the name and the date. So you can collect your results analogously and compare your results.

Qwixx Deluxe

Even the packaging of Qwixx Deluxe differs from the normal game. Instead of a rectangular box you get a larger square one. It becomes clear why this is square as soon as you open the box: it hides a small one dice board (one side of the box is padded). Instead of a block, this version also contains four washable game panels. Four? Yes, because this variant is (according to the attached material) only for four people instead of five. Washable pens for writing on the tableaus are also included with the game.

The tableaux have fields at the top to enter your previous points. So if you play several games in a row, you can watch your point development there.

Qwixx: The card game

Qwixx: The card game is a big break from the dice game. Instead of dice, you get 44 Deck with the values ​​2-12, in the well-known colors red, yellow, blue and green. The respective numerical value can be seen on the back, but without color. There are also 11 joker cards that you only need for one game variant.

The scoring block is identical to that of the dice game. The placement of the crosses also remains the same, you cross from left to right, may skip fields, but cannot delete them afterwards. The only difference: A closed series is only for the respective person completed.

At the beginning of the game, the 44 cards are shuffled and each person receives five cards. The remaining cards form the draw pile, from which four cards are laid out openly (display). The people now carry out the following actions in turn

  1. Take as many cards from the display until you have five cards in your hand. The display is then replenished directly.
  2. The top card of the draw pile is revealed and the number is announced out loud. Each person may cross that number in any row.
  3. The active person must play at least one card from your hand. However, she may also play up to three cards. If she plays a card, she can choose it as she likes. If she wants to play more than one, they must same color to have. The person shows the cards and decides how many cards they want to use.
    However, it must be noted that maximum one field may be skipped. At 8,9,11 all three numbers can be ticked as only the 10 is skipped. With a 2,4,6 only the 2 and 4 or 4 and 6 can be ticked, because with three ticks two fields are skipped.

The active person can thus make a total of two crosses (action 2 and action 3), the passive person can make one (action 2).

The game ends when one person completes two rows or accumulates four misses.

If you with the joker cards plays, you can determine which color series you want to use them for.

Qwixx: The Duel

The duel is one 2-person game. In addition to the well-known dice and a modified game board, you get 44 tokens in two colors.

The The game board is used by both peoplet. Instead of placing crosses, you now place your checkers.

The active person rolls the dice and, like in Qwixx, may use i) the sum of the two white dice and ii) the sum of one white and one colored die.

Important: Both actions are allowed not for the same field are used and only the active one Person may place stones. If the person does not want to make a cross, they place a stone and on the failed throw field.

The color fields are used as in Qwixx. That means you can only use the fields from left to right. Skipped fields can no longer be used afterwards.

You can only place one piece on each square, unless it is the rightmost piece. For example, if you have a stone on the red 6 and you roll the dice in such a way that you can use another red 6, then you can place another stone on the red 6.

However, as long as there is only one stone on the "front" square, it can also be beaten by the opponent if they roll the dice. You then get your stones back and the person places their stone on the field.

The The field with the foremost stone is therefore of particular importance. Since every stone (even stacked ones) counts towards scoring, it can be tempting to stack multiple stones. As soon as a stack consists of at least two stones, it can too no longer beaten .

The only way to prevent the stack from growing is to move one tile further to the right.

As with Qwixx, color rows can be closed when a person has five stones in a row and uses the rightmost square. Then (if possible) she places a stone on the lock symbol and the die of the color row is removed from the game.

As soon as four misses have been made (both people are added together), two color rows have been completed or one person has placed all stones, the game ends.

Qwixx Characters

In the end, Qwixx Characters is more likely to be one extension This is because you need the base game to play and only get additional materials. This consists of five characters and is therefore very manageable. Before starting the game, you shuffle the characters face down and randomly assign each person a character. The character lies face up in front of the respective person during the game.

Each character offers one special abilityt that can be used when the person aktiv is (i.e. the person who rolls the dice). Here two examples:

Double dutch lets you roll the dice a second time. After your first roll, you may choose any number of dice and roll the dice again. Only then (or if you decide not to re-roll) dice may be used and entered.

miss take protects you misses. If you can't or don't want to tick a box, you don't have to enter a mistake. additionally can you enter tick any box – taking into account the normal Qwixx rules. The ability may not tick the box on the far right.

Qwixx Variants Best Dice Game (2)
Qwixx on Board is also an addition to the basic game. Image: NSV

Qwixx: Onboard

In addition to the well-known material (block and dice), On Board also offers a game board with two sides and four game figures. This variant can only four be played.

Before the game you agree on which side you want to play with. When it is a person's turn, they now have three actions instead of two:

  1. Enter the sum of the white dice (also for the passive persons).
  2. Enter the sum of a white and a colored cube.
  3. Move your figure on the game board by 1-5 free spaces on the game board. Occupied fields are not counted.
    Important: The person must tick the square the figure lands on either this turn or have already ticked it in a previous turn.

Overall, the active person now up to three crosses do. But you can only do one or two. There is only a miss if none of the three actions result in a cross.

Below the spaces on the game board are small numbers. At the end of the game, the person gets the number that is under their character as special points. The further the character gets, the more points there are (max. 20).

As soon as a character comes to one of the last five fields, all other people have one more turn as active people. Then the rating follows. The game but also ends immediately, when two color rows are closed. There are thus two ways of ending the game, with the color line ending trumping the board ending.

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