Copenhagen from Troisdorfer Verlag is now getting a successor. The same team of authors is responsible for the novelty. It seems as if we are going to a Scandinavian capital again.

The polyomino game Copenhagen seems to have a successor. Queen Games announce that the same writing duo are now looking to 'beautify' a new city after having worked so well with Copenhagen. The title hasn't been officially confirmed yet. If you look around on BoardGameGeek, however, you will quickly come across the game Helsinki.

Beautifies the Finnish capital

According to the entry on BoardGameGeek takes over Helsinki the basic mechanics Copenhagen. Compared to its predecessor Helsinki but be a bit more complex. Even the supposed set of rules has already been linked by a user.

Visually, the game connects seamlessly Copenhagen on. The game material and the rules also seem to have a lot in common. There is again a central game board and personal player boards to build on. Of course, there are also colorful polyominoes again. But there are also some new elements in the game.

Your own train is running in Helsinki something different. At the start of the turn, the person whose turn it is moves their pawn one to three spaces forward on the central game board. There are two cards adjacent to each field. These can be drawn taking into account the hand card limit. Alternatively, a pavilion can be built. The pavilions are “paid for” in a similar way to the facade tiles Copenhagen knows. But there are some small changes here. The cards specify certain tiles and a number that indicates how many more cards of the same color must be played. Placement works a bit differently too. It's a bit more like Tetris. Depending on the position of your own character, the tiles are "pushed" onto your own tableau until they bump into other tiles.
In addition, there are also the coat of arms actions again. But here too there are “more” possibilities.

The end of the game is triggered when the draw pile is empty. There is a racing element in Helsinki no more.

The game is recommended for 2-4 people aged 10 and over. The playing time is about 45 minutes.

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