Pioneers, the route-setting pick-up and deliver board game from Queen Games, returns with a new theme: Future Energy by Emanuele Ornella is about building a network of sustainable energy resources. 

Emanuele Ornella's idea from Pioneers gets a contemporary twist with illustrations by Dennis Lohhausen: Instead of expanding routes in the Wild West, players have to create a network of green energy resources. Ornella has developed board games such as Hermagor or Byzantium, among other things. 

Future Energy: novelty from Queen Games

Pretty clever: The basic idea from Pioneers is shipped to modern Europe and relaunched with a red hot topic. It's about sustainable energy. Players must secure the energy resources of the future and therefore build a grid away from carbon-based energy production. The new edition is also aimed at two to four players from around eight years of age and has a playing time of around one hour. 

In the family game, each turn consists of three phases: players must earn money, buy energy grid nodes or contracts and, at the end, move a survey piece on the game board. The latter is obviously an exciting trick, because the opponents then also benefit from it. At the end there are bonuses on the final way to victory on points. 

A similar process previously took place at Pioneers in front of a Wild West setting. There players had to be the first settlers to fill cities with life and connect them with a road network beforehand. Each pioneer had a specific profession that provided benefits. In the family board game, the main thing was to adapt to the constantly changing circumstances on the game board.

The idea was also well received by critics: In 2018, Pioneers landed on Queen Games' recommendation list for the "Kennerspiel des Jahres", at that time together with Klong! – Die Quacksalber von Quedlinburg was the connoisseur game and Azul was the game of the year that year.

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