Who didn't like putting a puzzle together as a child? The impatient joy and tense waiting until the small parts result in a clear picture? How many of us had hours of fun and great concentration until the last piece of the puzzle was put together? Why should we as adults just forego this hobby that occupied us as children?

Well, there is no reason, in fact there are puzzles out there that are specifically designed for adults. In the list below we take a look at the most interesting puzzles for adults.

Puzzles that can also be played online

Nowadays it is impossible to do without the possibility of online gaming. Regardless of whether we are out and about somewhere, want to shorten the conventional waiting time or simply do not want to go without our mobile phone while playing games, we have the option of playing games online. It's no different for puzzle fans either. the Sunmaker coupon code offers us even easier, cheaper and faster access to the puzzles.

A puzzle that is almost impossible to put together

For those for whom traditional puzzles are too ordinary and don't evoke logical thinking, there are also persistent puzzles that are sometimes not easy to put together.

An example of such a puzzle was created by Ravensburger. Your "Krypt Black" puzzle consists of 1000 black puzzle pieces that give the impression of spinning in circles. This group also includes Australian artist Clemens Habicht's 1000 Colors, considered by many to be the most difficult puzzle they have ever attempted to piece together.

"Heinz Ketchup" has also published an interesting puzzle, the so-called "Red Puzzle", in which each individual piece is exactly the same color.

The puzzle with a puzzle motif

For all those who love demanding motifs and greater challenges, the market offers the so-called puzzle puzzles, i.e. puzzles with a puzzle motif. A lot of tricky and logical thinking is required from puzzle fans. The puzzle consists of a motif of a completed puzzle.

The "Puls entertainment" brand has many puzzle puzzles in its range. An example of this is the 11111 jigsaw puzzle.

The puzzle contains a thousand individual parts, in which the punched contours of each individual part have nothing to do with the printed motif. In order to put the puzzle in the perfect light, a surprising number of tones of a color family are required. But putting it together is worth it. After the work is done, the jigsaw puzzle is a real eye-catcher. Due to its 3D deformation effect, it seems to jump out of the wall and is a great eye-catcher in your house.

Especially nice with puzzles: A pile of chaos results in a work of art in the end.

Especially nice with puzzles: A pile of chaos results in a work of art in the end.

Selection of special puzzle formats

So that everything is not monotonous and conventional, the market offers a large selection of different puzzle formats. Some of the most interesting formats are 3D puzzles or triptych puzzles.

3D Puzzle

If you've never put a 3D puzzle together before, you're probably wondering what it is. You can use 3D puzzles to create three-dimensional models or real replicas.

There are lots of fun 3D puzzles for kids that are easier to put together. But there are 3D puzzles that are specially designed for adults.

Whether you want the Titanic or the Eiffel Tower as an in-house replica, anything is possible.

The "Revell" brand has great replicas of the Titanic in their range. The puzzle consists of 117 individual parts and the result is impressive.

Triptych puzzle

A new and refreshing puzzle format is the triptych. These are several separate puzzles in one box, all of which are packed together. Each puzzle is a work of its own, but all together make a great work of art.

A great example of this is the Ravensburger Taj Mahal Puzzle triptych. It contains three separate puzzle motifs, which when put together make a great picture.

Puzzle with a special function

A real novelty on the market are puzzles that can really move or that glow in the dark.

The UGEARS brand offers mechanical puzzles made of wood that can even move.

A good example is the UGEARS model kit “fire brigade turntable ladder”, consisting of 537 parts. The model has an extendable turntable ladder that can also be converted into a crane. The turntable ladder has several controls, has a 4-cylinder engine and can actually drive.

No matter whether you like historical motifs, are a big car fan or love replicas of real works of art, the large selection of puzzles will meet every taste. If you also want to work your brain cells, improve your fine motor skills or stimulate your logical thinking, putting together puzzle motifs is a great way to do this too.

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