The Wargame Purple Haze from Phalanx will soon start as a crowdfunding campaign on Gamefound. The strategic board game focuses on the Vietnam War and focuses on the story aspect. 

1967 was a remarkable year in several respects: the first person ever allowed himself to be put into cold sleep in the hope of being resuscitated; at the other end of the world it was all about death: US and North Vietnamese soldiers died in the battle for Dak To - an extract from a war that had lasted for years. Phalanx Games is now taking on this to create a campaign board game.

Purple Haze: board game about US marines

Players lead a force of US Marines, through the dense jungle over flooded rice fields - in the middle of the devastation. With the Vietnam War, Phalanx Games picked a topic for a board game that is not used too often. There is enough history to tell. And that is exactly what the Polish publisher wants to do.

Purple Haze is the creative studio's next cooperative board game behind board games like Hannibal or U-Boot. This time, too, it is historical, even warlike. Instead of rushing the players against each other in a wild skirmish with factions, Phalanx Games relies on a story-based gameplay that requires the commanders to make decisions, among other things. Purple Haze tells sequences from the Vietnam War in 1967 and 1968. Up to six players can gather - a solo mode is optionally available.

The campaign should last around twelve hours, each with individual game sessions lasting between 60 and 90 minutes. Players have to work through different missions: escort tasks as well as larger strategic operations. And the final even lets fans of war board games re-enact the Tet offensive.

Purple Haze makes use of the horrors of war: Units can be wounded or killed, injuries can even survive missions and affect the respective Marines in subsequent missions. In addition, you use a kind of RPG element: characters gain experience and can thus improve in order to increase the performance of the respective marine squad. Each soldier has his own background story and individual character attributes.

The story is not told through real-time gameplay, as was previously the case with U-Boot. Instead, Phalanx relies on tried and tested turn-based processes in which far-reaching decisions have to be made. These should then have an impact on the course of the campaign. The game board encounters are not all about fights; narrative dilemmas are also part of the concept. In principle, the game starts with a decision: You have to put together your squad from a total of 20 available - and different - US Marines.

Phalanx Games plans to crowdfund Purple Haze through Gamefound. You can make a note the immersive story board game with a Vietnam War theme already. The start is scheduled for January 25th.


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