Phalanx Games has already taken its crowdfunding of the war board game Purple Haze well beyond the target mark. For supporters, there is now more content - including an additional stand-alone mission whose name was hardly accidental.  

The idea of ​​the Vietnam board game as a mix of tactics and story is obviously well received by the players: the targeted crowdfunding goal of 35.000 euros has long been exceeded. In the meantime, Phalanx Games has been able to generate over 100.000 euros with the campaign. And: The German version of the tactical war board game is already done.

“The Heart of Darkness” expansion

Over 1.600 supporters have already donated money to the Purple Haze crowdfunding project. With the Vietnam War, the board game deals with an important piece of history that has been underrepresented in the board game scene so far. The fans should be all the more pleased that the campaign can already be viewed two weeks before it is financed.

It is now also clear that a second expansion is part of an early pledge - or can be ordered separately by players: The "Heart of Darkness" expansion, with which Phalanx integrates a stand-alone campaign based on themes and motifs of famous Hollywood Vietnam films based. The focus is on battle-hardened US Marines. The name of the extension was obviously not chosen at random: the 1991 documentary film of the same name examines the production problems of the anti-war film Apocalypse Now by director Francis Dorf Coppola, the film that deals with the Vietnam War like hardly any other film work.

Exactly what the Purple Haze expansion is about is unknown. Graphically, the add-on is still in the “work in progress” phase. Supporters will still be happy given the strong underlying theme. Previously, new marines and weapons as well as encounter cards were unlocked as part of the funding. the Campaign for Purple Haze on the crowdfunding platform Gamefound is still running for about two weeks.

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