Punk rock is a very special style of music, which has a clear political and social motivation and was a big hit, especially in the early 2000s. Green Day, The Offspring, Blink-182 or Sum 41– these and other bands shaped the genre at the beginning of the millennium and made punk rock suitable for the masses.

Gaming provider Nolimit City has captured the unique style and unmistakable message of the music genre in its own video slot. In Punk Rocker, players will immerse themselves in the punk rock era and come into contact with typical musical style and movement references.

Punk Rocker Slot – Anarchy, Graffiti and Co.

The Punk Rocker Slot – on fraudstest.com in the test – consists of five reels, offers around 243 paylines and is packed with features such as free spins and modifiers. The showpiece, however, is the presentation and the stylistic implementation. The digital slot machine is peppered with all sorts of references. Anarchy symbols, graffiti, brass knuckles and Doc Marten boots - they are all part of the video slot and add tremendous authenticity to the gaming experience.

Nolimit City has infused the Punk Rocker slot with some fun elements that aim to capture the rebellious attitude of the movement. For example, famous personalities or characters such as the Mona Lisa or Albert Einstein are dressed in punk style. Mohawk, piercings, flashy clothes - the full program.

Punk Rocker - the gameplay at a glance

Has around 243 paylines Nolimit City donated to his video slot. Accordingly, players have the opportunity to form winning combinations on adjacent reels instead of on individual lines. For this, of course, symbols must match. The budget range is between 0,10 and 100 coins per spin.

Of course, an autoplay feature should not be missing. Here you can easily set the limits for profits and losses. There is also a Quick Spin feature that speeds up the spinning of the reels.

Punk Rocker has one payout rate by 96,11 Prozent on and is a video slot with a high volatility. This is not surprising with a main prize that increases by 15.000 times your own stake.

Free Spins & Bonuses

In Punk Rocker, free spins can enable additional bonuses, which in turn increase the chances of winning. As soon as two bonus symbols appear on the reels, Riot Respins triggered. A sixth reel is unlocked and the scatters become locked wilds. This in turn has the effect of creating around 729 ways to win for that round.

More scatter symbols trigger the coveted free spins. Three scatters mean eight anarchy free spins, where four scatters eight Civil War Free Spins promise. In both variants, as with the re-spins, a sixth reel is unlocked and the winning possibilities are increased to 729. However, there is also a key difference based on the frequency of the enhancers collected.

All scatter symbols initially transform into jumping wilds. Means: The symbols jump and appear in a different position after each spin, which in turn is decisive for the reinforcement. Depending on the position, the following effects can occur:

  • Multipliers for wild symbols
  • guaranteed mystery symbols
  • additional free spins
  • another one jumping wild
  • Adjustment of paylines

Punk rocker as a demo variant

Punk Rocker is not a classic high-roller slot, but relatively big wins are possible. The digital slot machine unfolds its full potential through the use of real money. However, real money is not necessarily required to enjoy the video slot.

Thanks to the free demo variant, which is offered on many different platforms on the Internet, no deposits have to be made. Even registering at an online casino is not necessary. The demo version allows new players to familiarize themselves with the slot in an informal atmosphere. In this way, the processes, the mechanics and the game principle can be internalized. If you like Punk Rocker after the free game session, you can decide to invest real money.

Nolimit City – a look at the provider

Behind Punk Rocker is Nolimit City. Although the provider is not one of the undisputed industry giants in its field, the software manufacturer is an established player. Since 2014 the brand has been a part of the gambling industry. Originally founded in Sweden, the company is now based in Malta to comply with applicable EU law.

The group is backed by operators and developers who have a wealth of experience in the industry. But despite the great expertise, the product range falls by Nolimit City quite small. However, this fact does not detract from the quality. The provider brings everything that is required for good quality and security.

The hobby horse of Nolimit City are digital slot machines. In addition to Punk Rocker, the game manufacturer has other well-known applications in its repertoire. Particularly popular are about San Quentin xWays, Fire in the Hole xBomb, Wixx, Dungeon Quest and Manhattan goes wild.

Punk rock - fallen out of time?

Punk rock first saw the light of day in the USA in the 70s and, after a prolonged downturn, peaked in the 90s and 00s. Today, however, the music genre is struggling for relevance. Nevertheless has Nolimit City gave the genre its own video slot. However, not even the provider can stop the changing times.

A good 20 years ago, punk rock was a popular subculture that now has a niche existence. The musicians, artists and bands from back then are sometimes still active, but the flair and popularity of that time remain unmatched. Individual parts of the generation that grew up with the subculture do not want to fully accept this. Stickers with the inscription Punk's not dead prove that.

In fact, punk rock isn't quite dead yet. The generation that shaped it is still here. In the meantime, however, she has grown up and cannot revive the former hype on her own. It takes offspring. But that is missing. The younger generations don't really like the rebellious attitude, the rock music style and the tattered clothes. If any is punk consumed in video games. Musically, young people have turned to hip-hop or similar genres. Very few young people have punk on their playlist.

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