Alea, the Ravensburger brand for strategically demanding games, is launching "Puerto Rico 2022" in September 1897. This is a revised version of Puerto Rico, the classic strategy game by game designer Andreas Seyfarth, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. 

Puerto Rico 1897 was reimagined in collaboration with Puerto Rican experts on culture and history. Because there were repeated discussions about the fact that the previous setting of the game was in the colonization period and that workers were not employed voluntarily as a result.

Board game pays tribute to the history of Producers

The revised game shifts the setting from the 16th to the 19th century, and the role of the player has also changed. He is no longer a capitalist or trader in the game, but an autonomous and self-determined Puerto Rican farmer. Puerto Rico 1897 is about the year the country gained political autonomy from the Spanish colonial government. As an autonomous new-age Puerto Rican, players compete to hire workers, grow, sell and trade precious crops, and build the city's vital infrastructure. The aim of the game is to get more wealth and prestige than the other players to become the wealthiest farmer in the country.

"Puerto Rico's place on the board game scene is undeniable, but we had to change something," said Filip Francke, Global Head of Games. “Our team took the feedback to heart and fine-tuned every aspect of the game, from storyline to historical accuracy and visuals. We're Jason Perez from Shelf Stories Consulting and Dr. Teresita Levy, Professor of Latin American and Latino Studies, for sharing their perspective and expertise with us.”

The game features other thematic changes such as a new storyline and new graphics, such as goods and buildings, to make them fit historically and culturally with the new era. In addition, a Puerto Rican artist has drawn ten characters for the double-sided player boards - children, women, men of different ages and with different skin colors - to show the diversity of the Puerto Rican population. The elegant game mechanics, loved by many, remain unchanged.

"Our goal for Puerto Rico 1897 was to create a new gaming experience that is now more inclusive and inviting, so that everyone feels comfortable with it," explains André Maack, responsible Game Development Manager at alea. “Puerto Rico's popular game mechanics remain unchanged. We reworked thematic aspects throughout the game to appropriately and respectfully represent Puerto Rico at the time.”

Puerto Rico 1897 will be available in stores from September. For 2 – 5 players aged 12 and over.


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