Krafton announced today that the January update for PUBG: New State is now available for Android and iOS. With this update comes the new BR: Extreme mode, which reduces the number of players in a match to 64 and limits each round to 20 minutes. 

The BR: Extreme mode is now available on the Troi map and allows players to get into the game as quickly as possible in order to win chicken dinners and increase the intensity of the matches.

New season and new Survivor Pass

The January update also adds the Rimac Nevera hypercar in collaboration with Bugatti Rimac, the new P90 weapon, new weapon customization options, and more to the game. Here's a full rundown of the key features coming to the game with the January update.

New Mode - BR: Extreme: A new gaming experience designed and optimized specifically for mobile gaming. Each round lasts 20 minutes and is limited to 64 players. The playing field covers only a part of the Troi map (4×4), which is selected at random and changes with each match. All Survivors start with a P1911 Hand Cannon, Smoke Grenade, 300 Drone Credits, and fully charged Boost Bars. Also, at the beginning of each match, two supply packs will be dropped at random locations where players can stock up on better gear. Some additional features are:

  • An increased number of vehicles and items throughout Troi, allowing players to gear up faster.
  • Survivors jump from a lower height so they can land on the map as quickly as possible.
  • Delivery drones arrive faster, allowing players to get items quicker.
  • The wait time before a teammate can be reinstated has been reduced to 60 seconds.

New vehicle – Rimac Nevera: The January update also marks the launch of PUBG: NEW STATE's partnership with Bugatti Rimac. Players can now climb into the world's fastest production vehicle and test drive it on the Troi map. A limited-time Rimac Crate contains various exclusive in-game items such as the Rimac Nevera in five color variants including Nevera Blue, Gunpowder Grey, Prism Glow, Sunburst Red and Luminous Gold.

New Season and New Survivor Pass: Season 1, which has officially begun after a two-month pre-season, introduces eight new ranks - from Bronze to Conqueror - for players to progress through. As each level is achieved, players will receive a variety of rewards, including chicken medals and weapon skins. Also available now, Survivor Pass Vol. 3 centers around the game character Ben Brown from the Great Lakes Coalition (GLC) faction. Players can complete missions to earn various rewards and items while exploring the story of PUBG: NEW STATE.

New Weapon - P90: This SMG, which appears in supply packs in the game areas, comes equipped with a Tier 2 Transform Scope and Silencer, but cannot be modified with other attachments. It uses 5,7mm ammo, which is now available in the Drone Store.

New Weapon Customizations: With the new DP-28 muzzle slot access, players can now attach a flash hider (AR / DMR) or compensator (AR / DMR) to the DP-28. However, using one of these attachments will slightly reduce weapon damage. On the Beryl M762, players can now also attach the lightweight shaft to reduce the dispersion of the bullets when shooting from the hip or shoulder, which at the same time increases the ADS speed. However, weapon stability will be affected when using this accessory.


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