Starting June 3rd, PUBG Mobile players will receive new Super Items to mark the launch of The Boys Season 8. Prime Video's dark superhero series comes to the popular mobile game with Homelander, Starlight and Soldier Boy themed outfits, as well as weapon skins and a parachute. From June XNUMXth, players will also uncover a murder and go on a hunt for a superhero with Billy Butcher.

PUBG Mobile, one of the most popular mobile video games, joins forces with Prime Video, Sony Pictures Consumer Products and Sony Pictures Televison to bring players exclusive content based on the Emmy-nominated superhero series The Boys. To kick off Season 3 of The Boys on Prime Video on June XNUMXrd, players will receive a range of exclusive items including the iconic Homelander, Starlight and Soldier Boy suits. There are also some weapon skins, backpacks, a unique Supes parachute and much more.

Third season of The Boys begins

Beginning June 8th, players will be able to participate in a “Supe Spree” event. Along the way, they team up with notorious anti-hero Billy Butcher to set up an investigation team and look for signs of superhero wrongdoing. In the game, a series of horrific and unsolvable murders grips New York. The mutilated bodies of Wall Street shareholders and their customers are surfacing across the city.

The police have no leads and the city government is awaiting answers. To complete each of the challenges and uncover the truth, players will work together with characters from The Boys and their in-game friends. Players collect clues, unlock stories and uncover the murderous superhero behind the attacks. There are also weekly challenges to get extra bonuses and rewards for a limited time.

“The Boys is a groundbreaking TV series that forever changed the entertainment industry with its irreverent treatment of superheroes,” said Anthony Crouts, PUBG Mobile's Senior Director of Marketing. "We're always striving to bring fresh new content to our players, and this collaboration gives us a great opportunity to bring real-time elements from the new season of The Boys directly to PUBG Mobile."

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