Krafton, the makers of PUBG: Battlegrounds, among others, has begun development on a new game based on Yeong-do Lee's fantasy novel The Bird that drinks tears. The company released a project website, unveiled new concept art and intensified its search for developer talent.

Krafton is a coalition of independent game development studios that create innovative and compelling entertainment for gamers around the world. The company consists of PUBG Studios, Bluehole Studio, Striking Distance Studios, RisingWings, Dreamotion, Unknown Worlds and 5minlab, each with their own expertise. It has now announced the start of active development of an untitled game project based on the popular Korean fantasy novel The Bird That Drinks Tears. Krafton recently released the game's official website and is stepping up its global talent recruitment efforts to achieve its ambitious vision. The project's website revealed details about the game, its story and some concept art to illustrate the visual style and tone of the project. 

Game based on Korean fantasy novel series

The Bird That Drinks Tears is a novel series written by Yeong-do Lee, the pioneer of the Korean fantasy genre. Lee is considered one of Korea's most widely read fantasy authors, with books selling millions. Above all, the sophisticated world and its complex characters are praised.

As originally announced back in 2021, Krafton has hired Hollywood talent and concept artist Iain McCaig to bring Lee's novel to life. McCaig is a renowned concept artist who was not only involved in many blockbuster films such as The Avengers, Harry Potter and Terminator but also worked on early character visualizations for Star Wars characters. His creative work will serve as the basis for the project's visual style. With the release of the official website, new concept art of the game's main characters and environments has also been unveiled. Fans of The Bird That Drinks Tears will recognize unique interpretations of the novel's four different races, including humans, Rekkon, Tokebi and Nhaga.

In order to offer the best possible gaming experience, Krafton is looking for developers worldwide to bring the project to fruition. Interested people who want to learn more about The Bird That Drinks Tears and get involved in the project can go to inform.


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