Starting now with Update 20.1, players on all platforms can look forward to various improvements to weapon attachments, vehicle gameplay, a new ranked season, world and map updates, and game quality adjustments.

With PUBG: Battlegrounds, the developers started with Update 20.1 with Gunplay: There are improvements, among other things, in the • weapon attachments and shooting from vehicles. 

Player feedback taken into account

With the vertical grip dominating the battlegrounds as the grip attachment of choice, Update 20.1 made changes to the thumb grip, angled grip, half grip, vertical grip, and light grip. A comprehensive list of changes to the essays is in the Patch notes to find.  

firing from vehicles

There are many advantages to using vehicles in PUBG: Battlegrounds. Because of these advantages in combat against other players, the development team conducted tests and analyzed player feedback to reduce one-sided battles between vehicles and players on foot. The handgun reload animation is now canceled when the player operates the vehicle's steering wheel. Handgun reload time increases by approximately 50 percent and recoil increases by approximately 20 percent for PC users. The following applies to passengers: Weapon recoil increases to 20 percent for PC users.

To limit the utility of fully automatic ARs, the 8x and 15x scopes can now also be fitted to the M16A4 and Mk47 Mutant. The 4x scope also gets three additional crosshair types that can be freely selected and used.

Blue Zone

Since players on Deston seem to be knocked out more frequently in the Blue Zone compared to other maps, the Blue Zone radius rate and start delay for the first phase will be increased. In the second phase, both the radius and the damage increase per distance increase. Jammer Pack has also been adjusted for Miramar, Karakin, Haven, and Deston by increasing the damage dealt to the Jammer Pack by the Blue Zone.

The carry function can now be used or canceled using the limited interaction buttons. Also made several bug fixes and improvements when using the carry function in certain situations. The on-screen ping marker now appears more transparent the closer a player or weapon crosshair is to the marker. The marker is now also available in ranked matches and disappears after 30 seconds.

Update 20.1 also introduces new inventory-specific calls. Players can now notify teammates about the count of a specific item near them or in their inventory, as well as informing members when a player has a specific scope equipped or needs a specific item, attachment, or weapon.

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