Update 17.1 is released for PUBG Battlegrounds and introduces, among other things, a new weapon, starts a new ranking season or takes balance updates to tactical equipment. For players, however, the renewed revision of Sanhok is far more important.

Players can once again step into familiar territory with the release of Krafton's latest update to PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS on April 13th for PC and April 21st for consoles. The original design of the Sanhok map returns with changes to the overgrown paradise. Along with the return of the original Sanhok, Update 17.1 also introduces the new weapon ACE32, a new ranked season, balancing updates to the Tactics Pack, and much more.

Sanhok back in form

The Original Sanhok Returns: As previously announced in PUBG Dev Plan 2022, Sanhok returns to its original form. The lobster-shaped bootcamp building, docks, ruins, quarry, and blue-green jungle theme are back on the map. After updating the map in 2020 and receiving repeated feedback from the community, the team decided to overhaul much of Sanhok, bringing the map back to the original version by removing the loot truck, decoy grenade, and jammer pack.

A new ranked season begins. Update 17.1 introduces a new ranked season, which will automatically add all rewards earned during Season 16 to players' inventories once the new ranked season begins. After Season 17 ends, server maintenance will remove all rewards from inventory except for the Parachute skin.

A new 7,62mm weapon is coming in Update 17.1 as there are fewer 7,62mm than 5,56mm weapons in the current AR weapon pool. Easier to control than the Beryl M32, the low-recoil ACE762 is available to players on all maps. And: With 17.1, the tactical pack no longer stores other tactical gear (drone, EMT gear, and spotting scope).

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