Christmas is coming: The latest update for PUBG: Battlegrounds from Krafton will be released on December 1st for PC and on December 9th for consoles and brings players into the holiday mood. 

The main areas of the Vikendi map are decorated as a winter wonderland, including Dinoland, the castle and the winery. If set for custom matches, further decorations and suitable weather effects can also be found in other locations on Vikendi.

New ranking season

Patch 15.1 for PUBG Battlegrounds implements some new content. With the start of the update, mountain bikes will be available on all maps in normal matches. They can be found folded up as loot, especially in the outskirts of the maps. In contrast to other vehicles, the mountain bike has no motor, which means that players can move around the map almost silently and secretly, thus avoiding conflicts or surprising enemies. Additionally, players can sprint, jump, and do wheelies on the mountain bike, making it one of the most dynamic vehicles in the game.

There will also be:

  • New ranking season: Update 15.1 introduces a new Ranked Season, which means that any rewards earned during Ranked Season 14 will be automatically added to players' inventories.
  • Sanhok receives some updates: Based on player feedback gathered over the past few months, the map is receiving a number of improvements to offer more tactical uses. Sanhok's coastal area will be expanded to include more rocks and trees for better cover as you traverse the area. Adjusting the weather effects also improves the players' view of the entire map.
  • Map rotation: With 15.1, Vikendi replaces the Paramo card in normal matches. In ranked games, however, paramo is removed. The new map rotation for matches looks like this:
    • Normal matches:
      • Erangel
      • Miramar
      • Sanhok
      • taego
      • Weekends
    • Ranked matches:
      • Erangel
      • Miramar
      • taego

In Germany, players also have the opportunity to attend the very first PUBG D / A / CH Invitational. The 32 participating teams were invited according to various criteria, such as their e-sports performance, but also their contribution to the D / A / CH PUBG community. They meet on November 25th in the so-called "play-ins" and then have to fight their way from the main stage to the finals.

This will take place between December 16 and 22. The games of the PUBG D / A / CH Invitational 2021 will be broadcast LIVE on the German PUBG Twitch channel: Further information on the PUBG D / A / CH Invitational is available on the BEING ESPORTS website.

Update 15.1 will be released on December 1st for PC and December 9th for consoles. Players who want to try Update 15.1 can do so on the PC test server starting today. For more information on Update 15.1, see the full patch notes here.

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