Following the release of Vikendi Reborn, KRAFTON's PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS Update 21.2 is now officially available for PC and consoles.

With the new update for PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS, the players will receive updates for Vikendi, Sanhok and Taego as well as an update for the 1v1 arena in training mode.

Below is a detailed overview of the most important innovations coming with Update 21.2 for PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS.

  • World updates in Vikendi
    • Chill Out - Mother Nature is back and wreaking havoc once again in Vikendi. With the 21.2 update, players will be exposed to the Blizzard Zone. Once players enter this zone, they will move more slowly, take continuous damage per second, and have their vision and hearing impaired. Vehicles are also more difficult to control.
    • New secrets - In addition to the Blizzard Zone, there are new places for players to explore: the secret rooms. These are located throughout Vikendi and reward players who have found a Security Key with various valuable items upon opening them.
    • Ready for repair - Repair Kits are now exclusive to Vikendi! Players whose armor, helmet, or vehicle were damaged during gameplay can use the sets to repair them. The Helm and Armor Repair Kits fully restore their respective items, while the Mechanic's Toolbox restores 500 vehicle health and can only be used inside the vehicle.
    • Care packages for everyone - Multi-drops are finally coming to Vikendi! Similar to Taego, multiple supply packs containing high-quality weapons, armor, consumables, and more will drop randomly throughout the match.

  • World updates in Sanhok - Based on player feedback, there are numerous changes in Sanhok. For example, the cave and the rocky mountain have been equipped with ascension ropes, and ascension rope attachments are provided for players as starting items. Added additional bridges connecting the northwestern island to the boot camp and ruins to make traveling around the map easier. Also, the water area around the ruins has been lowered to allow players to swim through. Finally, certain areas have been sanded out to make traversing the map easier.
  • Winning also counts in training - Training mode arena was introduced to the survivors in a previous patch. Now players can prove their superiority over friends or rivals with a winning streak. Victory streaks in the arena will be recorded after the live server update. A tie does not affect the winning streak.
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