Update 14.2 for PUBG Battlegrounds is now available on PC and will hit consoles next week on November 11th.

The update for PUBG: Battlegrounds by Krafton, which will be released now for PC and on November 11 for consoles, will bring new weapons into the game, among other things. In addition to the Taego-exclusive mortar, which allows long-range attacks, there is also the M79, which "blinds" opponents with smoke grenades.

PUBG: Avoid the chickens!

With this update, players can try out some new weapons, including Taego's exclusive Mortar, which can be used to attack enemies from afar, and the M79, which throws smoke grenades to "blind" potential enemies. In addition, chickens will now roam Taego and alert enemies to their position if players get too close. So the chickens should be avoided!

Here are some features from Update 14.2:

  • New weapon - mortar: The new, Taego-exclusive weapon is easy to use in combat situations, but requires practice to be accurate. To do this, the player must first estimate the distance to the target and then the expected path of movement of the opponent. Skilled players can also attack areas behind bumps that are inaccessible to grenades, or defend certain areas.
  • New weapon - M79 smoke grenade launcher: The new M79 is a smoke grenade launcher designed to provide quick cover at greater distances. Players can use it to blind their enemies, cover wounded teammates or retreat to safety.
  • New feature - knocked out by swimming: The "Knocked Out Swimming" feature improves the survivability of players in the water. Previously, players would die directly if knocked out in the water, making deep waters a dangerous crossing point. Now wounded players can slowly swim back to land and be resuscitated by teammates.
The patch report for Update 14.2 is available as a video:

Update 14.2 will be released on November 3rd for PC and on November 11th for consoles. Players who want to try update 14.2 can do so today on the PC test server. More information about Update 14.2 is available here in the full patch notes.

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