iam8bit and distribution partner Skybound Games, along with publisher Xbox Game Studios and developer Double Fine Productions, are pleased to announce that the Motherlobe Edition of the critically acclaimed psychedelic platformer Psychonauts 2 is now available in stores. The physical retail edition for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 costs 69,99 euros as the manufacturer's recommended price.

The Psychonauts 2: The Motherlobe Edition comes in a 3D articulated reversible sleeve and includes a set of six double-sided art cards that showcase concept art and final graphics from the game. Also included are six high-quality die-cut stickers and a digital download code for unreleased material.

Great platformer from Double Fine 

"Anyone with a brain is going to want to get this version, and I'm not just saying that because I happen to have one," said Tim Schafer, founder of Double Fine Productions. “The teams at Double Fine and iam8bit worked really hard keeping Raz in mind as they developed the physical elements of this edition and incorporated all of the things that fans loved about the game. And we even wanted to include you guys in our thought process and show unreleased material that is really special to preserve Raz's legacy.”

Psychonauts 2 invites players to re-enter the spirit of the aspiring psychonaut Raz, who explores worlds and adventures with wacky characters and puts an end to an evil plot.

Additionally, fans can still pre-order the iam8bit-exclusive Collector's Edition, which will be released later this year for $129,99, along with the Essential Edition vinyl for $41,99. The Psychonauts 2 Essential Edition (2xLP) and Complete Edition Box Set (6xLP) are also available for pre-order and contain music from the game by Peter McConnell and album art by Arno Kiss.

Presented in a premium storage box with a hypnotic slide mat, the Collector's Edition includes all three volumes of the soundtrack plus the track "Cosmic I" featuring Jack Black. Last but not least, fans can have theirs Psychonauts 2-Complete your dream collection with a 250+ page art book, available to pre-order now for $50.

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