Few had the chance to pre-order a PlayStation 5 in the past few days. Now Sony apologizes for the mess and promises to deliver supplies.

The current status of PS5 pre-orders is known to be chaotic: For example, if you want to pre-order a PlayStation 5 from Amazon or Media Markt / Saturn, look into the tube: The console is currently not available.

Sony apologizes and promises to replenish

The time window in which the PS5 could be pre-ordered from these and many other major retailers was so small that many players are now left empty-handed and accordingly disappointed.

Sony itself received particular criticism: the company promised in advance to clearly communicate the start of the pre-order phase. In fact, Sony announced the start of pre-orders on the night of September 17th, but just minutes before the start on Twitter, this came as a complete surprise to many and many others have not even noticed.

Now Sony apologized to the fans on Twitter:

So Sony has recognized the gap and promises to make new consoles available to retailers. When exactly this will happen is still in the stars - but new devices are to be made available by the end of the year. Dealers will release details, according to Sony.

The reactions of the fans are different, some are patient and wait, others shoot at the company or criticize the dealers - and others complain not directly about the unavailability of the Playstation 5, but about the behavior of some buyers who are now reselling their Playstation pre-orders including “price increases” through online platforms. The topic of buying a bot is also coming up, something similar already existed with the Nintendo Switch. What can we do? Wait. And: fans must visit their retailers regularly and check stocks for the addition of the Playstation 5.

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