Microsoft had already announced it, and now it's here: Project xCloud. Game streaming from Redmond has finally arrived in Western Europe - of course, still in the preview. After all, the preview phase has been extended again so that fans in Germany can now register for Project xCloud. 

Simply stream games from the cloud to your smartphone or tablet - via WiFi or even the cellular network: That is the goal behind Project xCloud. Over 50 games are currently available, including titles like Destiny 2, Bleeding Edge or Sea of ​​Thieves.
The selection is not overwhelming, but good enough to take your first step in xCloud as part of the preview. In Germany, too, fans can now take part in the preview of Project xCloud - at least if they meet the necessary hardware requirements.

Project xCloud is Microsoft's vision of game streaming

In any case, what players need to be able to participate in the Project xCloud preview is a compatible mobile device with at least Android 6.0 and Bluetooth 4.0, as well as an Xbox wireless controller with Bluetooth. Fans can see at a glance whether the controller is compatible: According to Microsoft, the “plastic around the Xbox button is connected to the main body of the controller” on all Bluetooth controllers. That's certainly the case with the Xbox One S or Xbox One X controllers, or the Elite Wireless Controller Series 2.

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In addition to a moderately fast internet connection, the right app is required - and of course a Microsoft account including an Xbox gamertag. Then fans have everything they need to stream. However: What is still missing is an invitation, because players can only take part in the preview if they have been activated for it.

"We're excited to have so many new players across Western Europe trying out Project xCloud and helping us shape the future of game streaming," said Catherine Gluckstein, GM & Head of Product for Project xCloud.

The project managers keep an eye on the current situation. Similar to video streaming, the xCloud project can theoretically clog the information superhighway during Corona times. The aim is to monitor the effects on Internet performance in Western Europe.

“We're taking a prudent approach to rolling out the preview in each country, starting with a small number of participants and only increasing over time to avoid overly taxing regional bandwidth,” said Gluckstein. The project team follows a responsible approach. As a result, players will gradually be unlocked for the Project xCloud preview.

Players who want to take part in the preview - and ideally then are allowed to - must of course be prepared for the typical teething problems of projects in a non-final phase. The preview is used to carry out tests, optimize the technology and include feedback from the community. So it is crucial that players actually share their experiences with the developers.

Ready? Then you can choose the Participation in the Project xCloud preview register for Android.

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