After six cracked cases and a collaboration with Ace Attorney, Professor Layton returns to the Nintendo world again. However, this time "Professor" means Katrielle - Hershel Layton's daughter, because it is the first game in the series in which the original Professor Layton does not set out to solve puzzles. After the game was released in 2017 for Android, iOS and Nintendo 3DS, Level5 has now created a version for the Nintendo Switch that is now available across Europe.

In Japan, the game was released in August 2018, now investigators from Europe can get started and solve puzzles. There is a real detective story behind Professor Layton's Mystery Journey for Nintendo Switch. Of course, not much is revealed. Only so much: In “Katrielle and the millionaires' conspiracy”, the protagonist is involved in twelve cases in her newly opened detective office in London, which she has to solve and which seem to be connected in some way.

Switch offshoot relies on the tried and tested mix

The gameplay of the series will also be retained in the latest Layton offshoot: little by little, new places will be unlocked that can be visited, conversations will be held and puzzles will be solved to advance the story, and there will be mini-games, the price of which will be new clothes for Katrielle or furnishings for your home.
In contrast to the Android or iOS version, the new game will have 40 new puzzles, and some existing puzzles have been revised. Furthermore, the screen layout will be adapted to the console and all DLC content will be freely available. In addition, the player can unlock over 50 new outfits for Katrielle.
Professor Layton remains true to himself on the Nintendo Switch: the typical style is recognizable. Image: Nintendo

Professor Layton remains true to himself on the Nintendo Switch: the typical style is recognizable. Image: Nintendo

Despite a positive score on Metacritic, opinions on the net differ in the run-up to the release of the new Layton part. While Nintendo is busy beating the drum, posting a few puzzles on Twitter and enthusiastically figuring out the answers, there are also voices asking why the new game should be bought, since the smartphone versions are already available - even for far less Money (17,99 euros in the Apple & Play Store, 39,99 euros for the Switch). In addition, some die-hard fans are struck by the fact that not Hershel, but his daughter is now the protagonist of the game.
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So far, the individual parts of the series have always delivered well and brought Professor Layton a lot of fans. Whether the latest Switch import, with a new cast and little new content compared to the app and the 3DS game, can help grow the fan base is questionable. How the part will actually be received by the players will now be shown by the sales figures and comments in the first few weeks after the release.

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