If you want to earn money with sports betting, you can simply rely on your luck - or you can put together good strategies that noticeably increase the chances of a successful bet. The landscape of sports betting on the Internet has changed significantly in recent years. Numerous betting providers vie for the favor of customers and entice with new promotions. 

If you want to make high profits with sports betting, you shouldn't just look at bonus payments. Even if these can be very lucrative for new customers. Rather, it is about understanding the systems that are hidden behind sports betting. Anyone who knows different types of bets, worthwhile odds and strategies for live sports betting can significantly improve their chances of winning. The following 5 tips for successful sports betting are especially useful for beginners.

Know your sport

Anyone who is thinking of betting on sports results on the Internet should prepare well. The first thing to do is to find a suitable provider who combines profit opportunities and security standards. 

Modern online bookmakers lure sports fans with almost endless betting offers on their internet platforms. Bets can be placed on almost any sport. However, bets on football, equestrian sports or tennis, but also on modern sports such as e-sports, are particularly popular. Anyone looking for a suitable platform for placing sports bets should make sure that their own favorite sport is also represented there, especially if it is possibly a marginal sport. The most important tip for beginners: know your sport!

With sports betting on the Internet, for example with the provider 10Bet, it is just like in real life. The better you are familiar with a topic, the easier it is to make the right decisions. Bet on a sport that you really know your way around. It's nice if you like American football but don't know the rules or team performance. Achieving success in sports betting largely depends on how intense you are detailed information work out. However, there is one thing you should definitely avoid: betting on your favorite club. 

If you bet on your favorite team, you can hardly free yourself from emotions. The latter is particularly important when it comes to sports betting on the Internet, because facts are what count, not a good gut feeling.

Obtaining information is important in order to place successful sports bets. Soak up all the details you can get about sports betting and the world of sports in general. This is how you can find out when the best time to bet is, which team you should bet on and which pairings you should avoid.

A common mistake is always to bet on favorites. What looks like a safe bet is more likely to play into the hands of the providers. From a statistical point of view, betting providers generate enormously high profits with lost favorite bets. This is because the chances of winning popular top teams cannot be predicted well in the long term. In combination with the low odds on offer, even a few lost favorite bets can drive your account balance into the red within a season. 

Sports betting on the internet for "tactical foxes"

There are many useful strategies for sports betting on the Internet, but very few of them are actually practiced. A good tip is:

Bet on a tie.

A draw brings comparatively high levels at entry Odds one - and undecided games occur more often than you think. On average, roughly every third pair in the Bundesliga ends in a draw. Together with the good odds, even losses can be compensated for.

The process is simple: choose a team and place an amount set at the beginning of the season on a draw bet on every matchday. 

It can also make sense to give every game a draw on every matchday. In the long term, small wins will add up in this way - unless a season “statistically” gets completely out of hand.  

Professional tricks: tips for successful sports betting
Earning money with sports betting: this is not a dream for those who know the scene. Betting professionals use many tricks to increase their winnings. With the right strategies, the chances of success in lucrative odds bets increase.

Ties are particularly common where there are special features, such as derbies or home games of supposedly inferior teams. If you want to bet on a draw, you should also keep an eye on the French league. There, an above-average number of games end in a draw.

So-called special bets, on the other hand, are not very lucrative. Because tactics hardly work here, bets for fun should not be made with the aim of making a profit. As the name suggests, it's all about having fun with the bet.

Basically, the more information is available about a game, the easier it is to estimate the odds. Conversely, this also means: if little or no information is available, it is better not to place a sports bet. Success would then be a pure stroke of luck.

Who is his for every game day own quotas and then compares it with the bookmaker's odds, you can quickly see which games you should really bet on.

Single, combi and system: Know the betting variants

In order to successfully place sports bets on the Internet, you should not only know the sports, but also understand the betting systems of online bookmakers. Combined bets, for example, are rather unpopular among professionals. There is a simple reason for this: if several single bets are linked together, more luck is required than with pure single bets. Combination bets with favorites can be an exception, because the risk does not increase significantly, but the odds do. Nevertheless, there is a noticeable luck factor even with combination bets with favorites.

In the case of pure single bets, all stakes stand on their own. The outcome of a game has no influence on the remaining games. 

Another special feature is the system bet, which is more or less an extended combination bet. In this way, several combination bets can be played at once on one betting slip. This leads to higher chances of winning with higher odds at the same time.

Again it becomes clear how important it is to be familiar with the matter. If you choose the right betting variant on the right game day, you can achieve lucrative profits - and fill your pockets or compensate for losses from failed bets. 

If you want to develop your own betting strategies, you should do it regularly sports news read. It is important to always stay up to date with what is happening. If, for example, a key player in a team fails or a favorite struggles with the effects of a past injury, a bet that was believed to be safe can turn into a disaster. It always makes sense to create your own statistics, for example on the average points scored per game (goals, sets, baskets, etc.) or critical points in time for game success. It quickly becomes clear that in football games in which favorites are involved, a particularly large number of goals are scored in the final quarter of an hour. This is not a coincidence but can be largely due to the fitness of a professionally acting team. 

The most important thing, however, is to gain experience. Those who bet often will make the right decisions at the right time: higher winnings in sports betting will then be achieved almost by themselves.