Online slot machine games have put together the ludicrous tricks and feint of the Las Vegas casinos for their money. These methods are presented in the following press release.

The biggest casino scammers and their methods

Berlin, April 07, 2016 - Whether blackjack, roulette or baccarat, gambling is inextricably linked to our culture. Even in Mesopotamia and ancient Egypt, dice games were among the most popular pastimes. Attempts to cheat on them are as old as the history of gambling. The comparison page has examined the most sensational attempts at fraud in history and presents the most spectacular examples and which tricks were used below.  

When it comes to casino fraud, most people probably think of the classic ace up the sleeve that could cost the poker cowboy head and neck. Or the sophisticated and insane methods of Danny Ocean and his gang from the Oceans film series. The normal scammer is satisfied with less spectacular practices. The best known (and surprisingly legal) is card counting. With this card game strategy, players try to get a mental overview of the cards in the game in order to calculate their advantages or disadvantages compared to the bank. Card counting is by no means illegal, but most casinos rely on their house right to ban the card counter. On the other hand, it is illegal to mark playing cards, be it with a razor blade, a dab of ink or a simple crease. This rather obvious and clumsy procedure was effective in a smoky saloon maybe 200 years ago. In modern casinos with dozens of security cameras and specially trained staff, a well-considered approach is required, as the following gentlemen from the largely US gambling history prove.

Dennis nikrasch

Former locksmith Dennis Nikrasch is responsible for the biggest casino robbery in Las Vegas history. In 22 years he eased Nevada's slot machines by a total of $ 16 million. His crook career began in Chicago in the 50s when he realized that he could pick any lock thanks to his locksmith skills. Houses, lockers and safes, even locks that were considered burglar-proof, were no problem for Dennis until he was caught and locked in for the first time in 1961. After eight years in prison, he moved to Las Vegas to pursue his real destiny: to crack slot machines. At the time, most of the casino machines were mechanical. With keys, lockpicks and magnets he secretly manipulated the number wheels and cashed in. From 1976 to 1983 he looted around 10 million dollars. In 1986 he was sentenced to five years in prison. By the time he was released, Las Vegas had changed a lot. Computers controlled slot machines, they no longer work mechanically, but electronically. To prepare for his greatest coup, he used his old contacts to the underworld and had a slot machine put in the garage to practice. After weeks of tinkering, he knew the machine inside out and, with the help of a computer chip and a few helpers, captured the jackpot of $ 3,7 million. Since the casino didn't pay out the jackpot in one fell swoop, one of his accomplices told the FBI that the monthly payment of $ 300 was not enough. Nikrasch was imprisoned for another six years, in front of the only lock that he could not pick.

The MIT team

The story of the group of students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) should be familiar to many from the movie “21”. Probably the most famous card counters of their generation were initially nothing more than a student club, whose members met after the lectures to relax and play cards. A former university professor gathered a team who wanted to turn their hobby into a profession. The students then trained to use verbal and non-verbal signals during the card game: certain code words, playing with their hair or cracking knuckles. These tactics made them hundreds of thousands of dollars in the mid-90s and even received financial support from anonymous investors because casino fraud was relatively costly. Flight tickets had to be bought, false identities and even masks had to be obtained in order not to be exposed. When the casinos banned card counting, the former student club was also over. Security guards from the casinos recognized the members of the team and sometimes followed them home. 

Ronald "The Dude" Harris

Ron Harris, also known as "The Dude," spent twelve years as a computer specialist evaluating gaming devices for the Nevada Gaming Commission. His tasks included, among other things, detecting errors in the software and correcting them. He used the access to the source code to manipulate a number of the slot machines. A combination of a certain sequence and amount of cash resulted in the payout of considerable winnings. With the help of a few accomplices, he stole several hundred thousand dollars over two years until one of his accomplices tried to redeem a winning ticket for a large sum of money without ID. The commission involved determined and finally arrested Harris. If you can't trust an employee called "The Dude," who can?

DominicLoRiggio and Gonzalo Garcia Pebuyo

At the end of the list there are two casino scammers who aren't actually scammers at all. Dominic LoRiggio perfected his dice throw at the game of crabs over the years. The art of controlling the perfect roll of the dice earned him a fortune and the nickname "The Man with the Golden Arm". LoRoggio even started a team called Rosebud who he taught his technique to make even more money. Nobody knows how this ingenious player learned his throwing technique let alone perfected it. To this day, he has never broken a rule. However, casinos around the world are forcing him to use a different dice technique.  
Gonzalo Garcia Pebuyo, however, assumed that not all roulette wheels are set the same. With a slight modification to some bikes, some numbers appeared more frequently than others. So he observed the roulette tables of various Spanish casinos, analyzed the data and won many millions before he was banned from all Spanish casinos for life.

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