The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are available for pre-order. There wasn't really much drama, but the stocks at some dealers are already empty. The message "Currently not available" pops up with more and more fans after the pre-order start went relatively smoothly. "Resellers" or private sellers who already offer the Xbox Series X on online platforms - including a hefty price surcharge - are causing resentment again. 

"Same procedure as..." you could say. You didn't have to be a prophet to be able to oracle that some successful pre-orderers want to turn their hot goods straight back into money. That was already the case with the Playstation 5 and is no different with Microsoft's Xbox Series. Both the Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S are now officially available for pre-order, but many are already sold out. Resellers are now taking advantage of this.

Xbox Series X: Rapid pre-order phase

It took around 25 minutes before the message "Currently not available" appeared on the screen from the shopping giant Amazon. The advance sale did not officially start at 9 a.m. on the dot, but a few minutes later. In retrospect, the summary of the pre-order of Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S is: You should have been quick.

Because the two console versions are now sold out, some fans or resellers sense the big bucks. Some have not just bought a single, but several consoles at the same time - and are now offering them with hefty price surcharges on the well-known online platforms. Instead of undercutting each other, the "dealers" overcut their prices - they seem to assume that the consoles will sell like hot cakes. Anyone who discovers an Xbox Series X for around 700 euros already has a “real bargain” in front of them. Other sellers rely directly on auctions with a starting price of 500 euros. The first displeasure of the fans is already loud in the social media.

Some sellers even offer more than one console at overpriced prices. Screenshot / Image rights: Ebay

Some sellers even offer more than one console at overpriced prices. Screenshot / Image rights: Ebay

As always, if you can muster up patience, you save money. The Xbox Series X as well as the Xbox Series S will be released on November 10th, but there is still time for Microsoft and retailers to counteract this. Canceled pre-orders will also appear again and again in the well-known online shops, so that - as with the Playstation 5 - It will be worthwhile to check regularly whether allotments are available again.

Anyone who intends to support expensive offers on the well-known auction platforms should take a deep breath at least once before making a purchase and make it clear that one keeps such practices alive with a purchase.

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