The presale for the new Sony console is about to start. UK retailer SimplyGames has stated in recent emails to its customers that it expects the pre-order phase for the PlayStation 5 to begin soon. In addition, the retailer warns potential buyers of a possible shortage: if you want to pre-order a PS5, you may need to register well in advance. Sony itself has not yet commented on the start of pre-orders for the PlayStation 5. American players can, however, already register their interest. A specific release date or price is not yet available.

It may not be long before the PS5 is available for pre-order. New indications of early pre-sale are now coming from UK retailer SimplyGames. According to Website, the store recently started sending initial emails to its customers with information about the PlayStation 5 pre-order phase.

He believes pre-orders "could start any day." SimplyGames doesn't know a specific date either. However, the company points to a possible shortage in the pre-order phase. If you are interested in pre-ordering PlayStation 5, you should register as soon as possible.

Sony has already announced on its website that the number of PS5 consoles available will be limited. The publisher still keeps a secret about when the PlayStation 5 can be pre-ordered. However, US players recently had the opportunity to register an interest in pre-ordering. Registration takes place via a PSN profile on a website set up by Sony. It is unknown how many consoles Sony will pre-sell. US players selected to pre-purchase on the Sony website should hurry and complete the ordering process quickly or the early purchase invitation will be lost.

Invited users can pre-order a standard PS5 or digital edition. In addition, two DualSense controllers, charging stations, Pulse 3D wireless headphones, remote controls and HD cameras can be listed in the digital shopping cart. Whether SimplayGames will do the same, it is likely. German retailers such as Amazon or Gamestop are also likely to only have a certain PS5 contingent in the pre-order phase. The new console will be presented at the end of 2020. A specific date or price has not yet been set. Once the final details are in, Sony is expected to work on selling the PS5 in advance.

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